and so it begins

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6

games: seattle vs carolina
new orleans vs atlanta
san francisco vs green bay
dallas vs new york
escape: brunch + Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
on the menu: ramen burger

Over the years football Sundays have seen a Neolithic progression from Mike (my boyfriend) on a couch with a beer in a basement, to Mike (my fiance) + friend + beer in our condo, to Mike (my husband) + friends + drinks + food + 2 TVs in our condo.   Every year this weekly ritual became more refined.  As it stands, Football Sundays are now a sporting AND fooding event for which I escape the sporting but am present for the fooding.

This week I had been audience to several lengthy and detailed conversations about Sunday September 8th.  Earlier in the week, my friend Kayla brought the ramen burger to my attention.  I, naturally, forwarded the link to my husband.  Before I knew I it, the ramen burger was topic of conversation at dinner amongst him and his friends; it was to be the food of choice for Sunday.  As they planned their menu, I planned my escape.

FSB_01_aiweiwei_01Sunday morning for me started with brunch with a friend at the Easy in Roncesvalles.   We had our usual, West Coast Toast, before we made our way to the art gallery.

At the AGO we viewed Ai Weiwei’s exhibit According to What?.  Through art and social media, China’s most internationally known contemporary artist challenges and comments on the strict and censored political landscape of China.  As a result he’s been physically assaulted by Chinese police, held captive, had his passport revoked, had his blog shut down, and is under close surveilance by the Chinese government – but contrary to their efforts these actions have only fueled and brought more attention to Ai Weiwei, his art, and his cause.  If you already haven’t and are in need of something to do on Football Sunday, I urge you to go check it out.  I can already tell that football will be putting my AGO membership to good use.


Like all Football Sundays, I’m home for dinner and in time to catch Carrie Underwood’s Sunday Night Football theme.  As mentioned, on the menu were ramen burgers.  Between 2 fried noodle “buns” was a pork paddy, pork belly, crackling, pickled mushrooms and cucumbers, and a spicy aioli all laboured throughout the day.  It was a  tasty + heavy + dense burger and eating it was quite the challenge.  The entire time I imagined that that’s what it must feel like being on Man vs Food.  I have never seen 3 men succumb to a faster food coma than I did post ramen burger.  All 3 are Cowboys fans and only 1 was awake to celebrate the Cowboys win against the Giants  

Romo 1 : Manning 0 : Mike/Kial/Vinnoth -2.   

FSB_01_Ramen_compenentsFSB_01_Ramen_02until next week!


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