fbs12: the best steak i’ve ever eaten + sea asparagus


And then it happened, FBS 11 marked the day when Mike ordered Chinese for dinner.  Last-last Sunday, both exhausted from the week, Mike and I were lumps.  It was an uneventful Sunday that didn’t warrant a post.  Though the Chinese delivery was excellent, Mike’s meal for FBS 12 definitely made up for his non-existent performance last week.  More to come on this gluttonous topic later, but first let’s talk Christmas.

xmas14_01With December around the corner, it’s practically Christmas. Under the assumption that my tree was up last year by November 1st and that I was 2 weeks behind, as soon as I got a free moment, I hurried Mike down to our storage unit to grab our Xmas tree + ornaments.  As I happily set up the tree, Mike sat on the couch and, with divided attention, observed me like I was a crazed woman [likely true, I LOVE CHRISTMAS].  When all was said and done, I looked back at last year’s FBS Xmas tree blog post and I realized that I was actually a whole 10 days early. Woops.  I won’t get into the tree details as not much has changed in aesthetics from last year, but if you’re interested, you can read about it **here**.

xmas14_02With my tree primped + decorated + lit, I spent Sunday afternoon gathering holiday decor inspiration.  Though I am not certain as to what I will be decorating, I did come across some great ideas to further catapult me into the true festive spirit.  I drowned out the football and googled myself into a Christmas trance; starting of course with Martha.


xmas14_05xmas14_06xmas14_10xmas14_11xmas14_12inspirations from:
multicoloured candles + candle sticks | Terrain
pompom ribbons + mushrooms + brush trees on gold bases | Anthropologie
champagne bucket purse + blue/green earrings | Kate Spade
strung candy + garlands | Martha Stewart
table top + flower arrangement w/ candles | LOVELYDETAILS Instagram
pig ornament | West Elm
Vesper patterend rug | Lulu and Georgia

steak_6Ok, now back to that gluttonous topic…

Though every Sunday is delicious, this one was especially delicious and on top of that, I ate 2 things I’ve never had before; 1-sea asparagus + 2-the best steak i’ve ever eaten!.

Mike came home from an afternoon of grocery shopping and amidst the clutter of grocery bags, I spotted 2 from the Cheese boutique [gourmet utopia].  In addition to the buttery triple cream Brie and the wedge of Beemster that he unpacked, were the most delicious Sunday dinner ingredients. Mike was set to prepare a steak dinner with a mini buffet of toppings served with sides of charred cauliflower with kale + home cut fries.

…the salad…

steak_02So this is sea asparagus: a species of small succulent herbs that grow in salt marshes and on beaches.  They have a natural saltiness in taste and have a consistency similar to ‘land’ asparagus.

steak_15Mike tossed these miniatures into a salad with heirloom tomatoes + mache and dressed it with a mustard vinaigrette.


…the toppings…

steak_171. smoked blue cheese crema [aka heavenly whipped  clouds]

. 1/4c pickled shallot | diced
. 1/2c 35% cream | reduced by a 3rd in a sauce pan over med-high heat
. 100g smoked blue cheese
. salt + pepper

after the cream has reduced, remove from heat and stir in shallots and cheese
take 1/2c cream and whip until soft peaks form as the remaining cream mixture cools
fold the cooled cream mixture into the whipped cream mixture
spread on EVERYTHING and enjoy!


2. chimichurri

. 1c parsley | finely chopped
. 2 shallots | minced
. 2 garlic cloves | minced
. 1/4c apple cider vinager
. 1tbsp honey
. salt + pepper

combine all ingredients in a bowl + mix

steak_43. sautéed mushrooms

. 1c of your mushroom of choice [we used hedgehog] | chopped
. 2tbsp butter
. 1/2tbs minced garlic
. 1tbsp minced shallot
. 1tbsp thyme
. salt + pepper

steak_3in a pan over med heat, melt the butter
add all other ingredients | mix
cook until mushrooms are soft

…the sides…

cauliflower + kale + garlic hash | chopped + seasoned + baked in the oven until crisp
home cut fries

…the main event…


60 day dry aged ribeye | dried in house at the Cheese Boutique


The steak was deliciously marbled.  It was nutty and tender.  Mike cooked it perfectly!  [as I type this I am mentally drooling]

From one exciting event to the next, we finished dinner as the Sunday Night game was kicking off.  It’s a good thing Mike fueled up with protein because from what I could see he fully burnt it all cheering and pacing in anticipation as the game clock wound down.  Coming back from behind at the half, Dallas took the match as Romo threw a TD pass in the last few moments of the game to clinch their 8th win of the season.  As mike stood watching the clock with impatience, I sat on the couch and with divided attention, watched him like he was a crazy person.

I want nothing more but to re-live this meal…and put up more Christmas decorations.



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