SCOTLAND_01We boarded an early evening train at Euston Station and before we knew it, we were back in Glasgow; our home base.  With one ‘welcome’ sip of scotch from Melody + Billy’s quaich, like a ceremonial bell, the start of the Scottish leg of our trip was official.

SCOTLAND_02After several days of London hustle, we welcomed the stillness of Glasgow.  The city was quieter, the pace was slower, and I was able to recalibrate before we continued exploring.

U K  P A R T  2  |  E D I N B U R G H

Let the exploration continue!  With train station Burger King burgers in hand, we headed to Edinburgh for the day.  [Note: we caught the train by skin of our teeth thanks to the slowest fast food service known to man]  Wandering around the city was like wandering back in time.  History hits you in the face the second you surface from Waverley Station.  From the medieval architecture to the cobble stone streets to the castle on the hill top, I explored the city with excited eyes and hyperactive iPhone snaps.

edinburgh_03[1st site from the train station | Scott Monument : the largest monument to a writer in the world]

edinburgh_04edinburgh_06[David Hume + St. Giles Cathedral]

edingurgh_05 edinburgh_18[while on the hunt for cashmere + wool]

edinburgh_08[the view from down here | Edinburgh castle]

edinburgh_15[gothic details]

edinburgh_10[a gin tour]

edingurgh_02 [in the Edinburgh Gin Distillery tasting room]

edinburgh_09edinburgh_13[our walk uphill begins]

edinburgh_16[made it to Edinburgh Castle just in time to find out that we couldn’t go in as they were closing]

edinburgh_17 [views from the top]

edinburgh_12edinburgh_11edinburgh_07edinburgh_dinner[Highland bavette steak & corned beef hash]

We ended the day with dinner at The Scran & Scallie for modern Scottish food.  With full bellies, we slowly started to make our way back to the train station, took in Edinburgh Castle lit up at night from a far, and headed back to Glasgow.

More of Scotland to come!


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