highlands_10This post is the last of my UK entries.  Though I had about a million photos I wanted to share, I have narrowed them down to the following 1000.  Enjoy!

By the time Mike and I had reached our last couple days in Glasgow, we had already seen and done a whole lot; we saw the sights in London, spent a day along the cobble stone roads of Edinburg, explored the furnishings within castle walls…. However, our most eventful day had yet to come.  On the eve of our departure, we booked a 12hr Highland tour.

T H E  H I G H L A N D S

tour mapAt 8am Mike and I boarded a mini coach/van and drove north from Glasgow.  It was a looooooooong day that covered a long stretch of land [as illustrated by the route we drove on the map above].  During our 12hrs on the road, we experienced every possible weather pattern; from rain to snow to sleet to heavy winds to clear skies and a rainbow.  As we were driven up and down and up and down along the Highlands, we saw vast mountain ranges, snow covered grounds, green rolling land, and wide lochs of blue.   All in all, the sights were worth the commute + 1 episode of carsickness [by yours truly].

mike_01[1st stop: Loch Lomond | in classic Mike style, he located a walking stick]

mike_02mike_03highlands_12highlands_15[a quick stop in Invermoriston to get our 1st site of Loch Ness]

highlands_14[Mike on the Thomas Telford  Bridge]

highlands_13[River Moriston Falls]

highland_02[Highland Cows!!!]

highlands_04cow_01 highlands_08highlands_07highlands_09highlands_17[Glencoe]

highlands_18[the 3 Sisters]

highlands_20[on the grounds of Urquhart Castle]

highlands_22[Urquhart Castle with Loch Ness behind it]

highlands_27highlands_24[a trebuchet outside the castle]

highands_24[after snow + rain + heavy winds, we were greeted at the castle by blue skies AND A RAINBOW!]

highlands_29 highlands_25highlands_26highlands_39  highlands_33The grass was a rich green, the sky blue, and the Loch even bluer.  The entire view was so beautiful that it almost looked fake.

highlands_31highlands_21highlands_30highlands_40                         highlands_23highlands_41       highlands_32 highlands_19  highlands_28[on a boat crossing Loch Ness]


glasgow_11[the entrance area floor in Melody + Billy’s flat]

I saved Glasgow for last!  This city was our home base and though we travelled around to its neighbouring cities, Mike and I made sure that we devoted some time to exploring Glasgow.

glasgow_05 [while on a walk around the neighbourhood]

glasgow_04 glasgow_16[inside House of Fraser]

glasgow_12[Melody mentioned that she missed pierogies, so Mike made her a batch]

glasgow_10[The Hanoi Bike Shop | Thai cuisine | in Ruthven Lane]

glasgow_08glasgow_03[a night out in Ashton Lane]

glasgow_17[the 1st and only haggis we ate | Ubiquitous ChIp | Ashton Lane]

glasgow_06[Gin 71 | gin bar]

glasgow_01glasgow_02…sadly that ends our UK trip.

A big THANK YOU to Melody + Billy, our friends + tour guides + hosts, for letting Mike + Me invade your lives for 10 days. See you soon in London!

I guess it’s time to start planning our next trip!  🙂



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