THE OFF SEASON: athletic aspirations

run_06Though the cold weather continues to pepper itself in amongst the sunny days and rainy afternoons, spring is making a definite return and I could not be more excited for the lingering warmth.  As the weather transitions, my habits shift and like a bear cub waking from hibernation, I’m out from my condo hiding place and am anxiously awaiting the end of this never ending winter.

run_12 During these past few weeks, I’ve been outdoors, rain or shine, and like clockwork, my athletic aspirations are in full force.  Last year, I set a goal to run 5k in 30mins or less.  With the combination of my asthma + difficulty to focus during self led workouts + my general dislike for running, this was quite the challenge; perhaps more mental than physical.  I was a strict 5K runner and had no desire to run any longer than that distance.  In 1 month I reached my running goal and with satisfaction, I stopped running.   Along the same stubborn lines of my strict 5K runs I had no desire to enter any running events/races; until this year.  This year, in an attempt to prolong my conditioning, I’ve signed up for the Nike15K Women’s run; my first run EVER!

run_11My goal is to log 3 runs a week leading up to race day and to complete the 15k in under 1hr + 50mins.  I am 2 weeks into training and so far so good.

As I live right by a waterfront trail, I have the luxury of open blue skies and calming waves to accompany me on each run.  However, with trails come running clubs and I do my best to not be intimidated by the swarms of brightly dressed packs running at a jaunty pace surrounding and over taking me.  

run_07On every run, I take a photo souvenir; a memento for my handwork.  I’m feeding my Instagram habit while working on my stamina – a WIN WIN!

The following are the latest from my outdoor expeditions.

run_01run_05run_09run_10 run_03        run_02run_08…and with this post, I have put my running goals out there for all to read.  There’s no turning back now.

Wish me luck!



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