FBS19: tea + scones + gnocchi + quail

parkdale_2My Sunday escapes, as of late, have been more like Sunday coffee breaks or afternoon baking shut-ins.  This past Sunday, I actually planned an afternoon away with my friend Kat and we fell into strides of old habits that we hadn’t walked in quite some time.  However, of all the Sundays to plan an escape, I planned it on a non football -Football Sunday.  Though technically, it was the weekend of the Pro Bowl, Mike wasn’t too keen on watching it.  Nevertheless, it was like ‘old times’ and while Kat and I had a great afternoon of catching up Mike enjoyed an afternoon alone veging on the couch.

parkdale_3It was a mild, snowless, winter afternoon and we walked west-west to Parkdale for tea and scones at Kitten and the Bear; a tasting room showcasing a selection of Sloan teas + fresh baked buttermilk scones + house made artisanal preserves.  While we waited for our table, we explored the neighbourhood shoppes and eventually walked over to one of our old vintage haunts.  I coveted an amazing fur + leather coat while Kat purchased a stunning Wayne Clark creation.

parkdale_6parkdale_1With lighter pockets and a vintage dress in hand, we were finally seated and caught up over tea + jam service.


I came home to find Mike prepping something new for dinner.  He was making quail; a protein new to our Sunday dinners and new to the blog!

quail_01[quail breast marinated in soy + Worcester]

duck_02[quail leg confit with extra virgin olive oil]

quali_6p a r i s i a n  g n o c c h i  –  the easier of the gnocchi’s! | recipe adapted from food.com
…serves 4…

  • 1C water
  • 1tsp kosher salt
  • 1/4tsp grated nutmeg
  • 3tsp unsalted butter | cubed
  • 1C all-purpose flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/4C freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • 1tsp olive oil
  • hand full of fresh parsley leaves | chop
  • salt + pepper for seasoning

quail_5In a small pan over high heat combine water + salt + nutmeg + 2tbsp butter | bring to a boil  
Add flour | beat dough with wooden spoon until thick and comes away from sides of pan
Add parsley + stir to combine

Continue stirring to dry out dough | about 30 seconds
Transfer dough to medium bowl | cool 5 minutes.
Boil large pot of salted water over high heat | set a separate bowl of ice water near stove
Beat 1 egg into dough until incorporated.

Beat in 1/4C cheese and another egg until blended | beat in last egg until dough is smooth + shiny
Transfer dough to a large plastic pipping bag | Cut tip off bag to create opening 1/2-inch long.
Reduce boiling water to gentle simmer
Hold bag over water with one hand and squeeze out dough, using small sharp knife to cut it into 1-1/2-inch lengths dropping into water
Simmer gnocchi for 3 minutes | transfer to ice water | transfer to paper towels and pat dry
Pan fry in olive oil over med heat until gnocchi begins to lightly brown
season with salt + pepper to taste

serve immediately with your protein of choice

quail_7[oven dehydrated brussel sprout chips]


Quail done 2 ways served with a parisian gnocchi, brussel sprout chips, apple cider jus, and a parsley chimichurri


I don’t recall the last time I had quail…or if I’ve ever had it at all.  However, this quail was excellent and was only made better by all the accompaniments served with it.  Absolutely Delicious!


This post marks my 2nd last Sunday of the FBS season.  Though at times the season felt years long, at this moment it feels as though the end came so quickly.  Stay tuned for my last post of FBS; the BeyoncĂ© Bowl…I mean Super Bowl 50.





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