THE OFF SEASON: valentine’s day + pizza

vday_01Though I started this blog as means to escape the weekly FBS takeover in my condo, it has transformed quite a bit over the years.  With lives getting busier, our Football Sunday’s aren’t what they use to be; not for the better nor for the worse, just different.  As I reflect on the past season and embark upon the next Off Season, this blog once again transforms.  With its premise remaining the same, I’m taking this Off Season to escape my solo Sundays.

As mentioned in my last post, Mike is in the early stages of running the kitchen in a new restaurant.  His hard work, up to this point, has gotten the doors open and the first operational week up and running for business.  Still fresh, his restaurant life remains all consuming and his Sundays occupied leaving me alone to do who knows what all weekend long for [I’m assuming] the next couple months.

vday_02My first solo weekend was on Valentine’s Day.  My evening dates included both Jimmy Fallon [and his Valentine’s Day special] and Vlad; the guy who made my pizza.  I spent the night eating pizza and watching hilarious talk show clips but spent the afternoon [into the evening] snacking on a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries Mike had delivered while working on my cake decorating; Mike’s V-Day surprise.

DSC_0290In honour of vday, I baked red velvet cakes, frosted them with a cream cheese icing, and covered + decorated them with fondant and macarons.  Who needs Valentine’s Day cards when you can give Valentine’s cakes.

Here’s my cake 1 of 3!

vday_07vday_03vday_08vday_05Though I’m seeing improvement in my fondant coverage, I’m still a little lumpy + hole-y and am hiding my shortfalls with ribbon.


Stay tuned for the red velvet recipe and my cakes 2 + 3!  By the time Mike gets his Sunday’s back I may be giving up my career in retail buying and opening up a cake shop; working toward being a Cake Boss!  Practice makes perfect.


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!!!




One response to “THE OFF SEASON: valentine’s day + pizza

  1. While it might not be what you had in mind, pizza for one sounds plenty romantic to me 🙂

    Your cake is absolutely stunning. Love the detail on the top and the red velvet is such a lovely contrast.

    This post would make a great submission to Our Growing Edge, which is a link up party for new food adventures. This month’s theme is “LOVE IN ALL ITS FORMS”. More info here:

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