capril_22I stepped off the ferry onto a warm sunset-lit Capri and immediately felt transported.  This was the getaway Ingrid Bergman was left for in Rossellini’s Journey to Italy; where a bikini clad Bridget Bardot sun bathed…the Isle that both Frank and Dean sang of…the backdrop to Dolce and Gabbana’s DG Millennials campaign with Zendaya.  I was here.  We finally made it to Capri!

I saved Capri for last.  It was our final Amalfi Coast stop and, though cut 1 day shorter than planned, our main priorities remained;  relax and take in our final vistas from the island […and eat…and shop].

These were our 2 days in Capri.

capri_30 ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel Della Piccola Marina

$-booked via
10 min walk to via roma (city centre)
15 min walk to Marina Piccola beach [note:uphill en route back]

✓Shuttle service from port

capri_tile Of all the hotels I booked along the coast, I would have to say that Hotel Della Piccola Marina offered the most value for your Euro. Likely due to our off-peak-season arrival, this hotel was the most affordable. Though tucked away off the beat and path, Hotel Della Piccola Marina, was perfectly situated within walking distance of the main square and just up the hill from the beach.  The room we scored was extremely spacious [both inside + out] and came with a beautifully tiled bathroom and a little veranda bordered by steps that led up to our private rooftop with a panoramic view of the sea.


T H E  V I E W S

capri_25capri_28capri_27[Gardens of Augustus]

capriview[The Faraglioni rocks from the Garden’s vantage point]


T H E  S H O P S

capri_24[Ragozzino Shoes -where Mike picked up a pair of handmade loafers]

capri_shopping [L -didn’t catch the name of this book store | R -Eco Capri: a shop filled with amazing home decor pieces and accessories inspired by Capri artist, Laetitia Cerio]

capri_11[Carthusia -a perfumery specializing in scents from ancient formulas.  Perfumes are made on-site with traditional perfume making methods]


T H E  B E A C H  |  Marina Piccola

capribeachCapri in early October was cool.  Though we did not have full days of clear blue skies and hot hot heat, our mornings always started sunny and our afternoons ended with warm sunsets.  We didn’t get ideal beach weather, but we still laid out sea side soaking up the sun when it made its way out from behind the clouds.

beach2[the background scene of a photo shoot that walked in on]


T H E  L A S T  N I G H T

capri[our last sunset from our rooftop]

capri_20DINNER: Ristorante Mammà Isola Di Capri | our first dinner @ a Michelin star restaurant

We walked into an unassuming old building and then down a dark hallway.  Just as I was about to complain that we were lost, we arrived; from sketchy hallway to a restaurant covered in white popped with turquoise.  For dinner we decided on the tasting menu.  Each dish was delicate, delicious, and made from fresh local ingredients.

capri_40food5[dessert served in this uniquely designed glass creation]

capri_21Capri was the perfect ending to our Amalfi adventure!





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