Avocado Macarons


It’s been a while, a sentiment that I have expressed too often on this blog.  Since my last post, several life changes have developed; changes that have occupied more of my spare time.  One of the big ones is my current career state as an “aspiring employed person” 🙂 .   As some of you may or may not know, though I spend my evenings/weekends as a baker, traveller, adventure seeker, and home decorator, I am actually a fashion apparel buyer by day.  Unfortunately, the company I worked for is closing its doors after 60+ years.  I am sad to have left my post of 5+ years, to say farewell to familiar faces, and to see the Canadian retail landscape once again be reshaped by another loss. However, aside from the whole job hunt thing, I have more free time and now no excuse to drum up more content to blog about!

on to the baking…


Inspired by my cousin’s recent baking trip to Paris, I decided to try my hand at macarons.  I know that 90% of this blog is macaron related but, I have decided to attempt a NEW recipe via the Italian method – a whole new world!  I attempted this method once, years ago, and it was a HUGE fail.  I swore I would never try it again and stick to the French method.  This time around, with more experience under my apron, I was more confident in my macaron know-how.  For this adventure, I turned to my fave macaron maker, Pierre Hermé.


Recipe from Macarons by Pierre Hermé
[Note: this is 1/2 the original recipe + I adjusted the baking temps to suit my oven]
*the recipe below yields about 36 macarons

M A C A R O N  S H E L L S

150g almond flour
150g icing sugar
55g liquified egg whites [1]**
food colouring
150g sugar
37.5g water
55g liquified egg whites [2]**

oven temp @ 300ºF


**Once egg whites have been separated and weighed in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and pierce holes on the surface with a fork.  Let whites rest in the fridge for 24hrs to a week allowing them to lose their elasticity.

sift together almond flour + icing sugar
mix food colouring into 1st bowl of egg whites
pour coloured egg whites into almond flour/icing sugar mix | DO NOT STIR and set aside
place 2nd portion of egg whites in a mixing bowl of an electric mixer with a whisk attachment
heat sugar + water in a small sauce pan over medium heat | with a pastry brush dipped in cold water, brush sides of sauce pan as sugar boils to prevent crystallization
when sugar/water mixture reaches 115ºC start whisking egg whites at high speed to soft peaks
when sugar/water mixture reaches 118ºC remove from heat and slowly add to whisking egg whites
reduce speed to medium and continue whisking for about 2mins
let meringue cool to 50ºC [about 5mins]

…ta-da….Italian Meringue is made!

add meringue to almond flour/icing sugar mixture
fold batter together stirring from the middle to the outside rotating the bowl as you go
continue stirring until batter turns glossy and resembles runny cake batter
scoop into pipping bag [with a 1/4″ tip] and begin pipping onto parchment

for further instructions on pipping, head to my macaron recipe and refer to steps 5, 6, and 7

bake in the 300ºF oven one rung above the middle | bake 1 sheet at a time
open and quickly close the oven door @ 8mins to release some heat
repeat again 2mins later @ the 10mins mark
bake for another 2-4 mins as needed
remove from oven and cool on racks 


With this new recipe, I decided to try a new filling flavour and since I love avocados in sweeter applications, I came up with an avocado ganache.  This recipe was inspired by Pierre Hermé’s Inca Macaron.
A V O C A D O  G A N A C H E

132.5g chopped white chocolate
45g whipping cream
100g avocado
1 wedge of lemon


melt chocolate in a double boiler
simultaneously, bring cream to a boil in a small saucepan over med-high heat
scoop and weigh avocado + sprinkle with lemon juice [preventing it from browning]
puree avocado in a food processor
add cream to chocolate and combine
add avocado puree to chocolate mixture 
pour mixture into food processor and pulse to smoothen
pour mixture into a shallow bowl + cover with plastic wrap directly touching ganache surface
let cool in fridge until it thickens | 2+ hours


once thickened, transfer ganache to a pipping bag with a 1/4″ round tip
pipe onto macaron shell and sandwich together with matching piece

gently place macarons in a covered container in the fridge to set overnight
remove from fridge and let sit at room temp before serving


Overall, I found no major differences in taste or appearance between the Italian and the French method results.  The difference noticed was in the consistency of the batter.  I found that when using the French method, I  had greater opportunity to over mix and end up with a thinner batter.  Though I’ve only done this Italian method once, I feel like there’s less room for error on the mixing front.  Also, at times, when baking the French macarons, I would end up with a few cracked cookies amongst the batch.  With the Italian method, they ALL turned out great.  We’ll see if this holds true in future attempts.


Onto bigger and better…


5 responses to “Avocado Macarons

  1. I love the recipe .. yummy! Will try to find vegan alt to egg whites and use coconut cream! 🙂

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