the upset[s]

greenbaygames: indianapolis vs san francisco
green bay vs cincinnati
new york vs new carolina
dallas vs st. louis
tennessee vs sandiego
miami vs atlanta
escape: fabricland
on the menu:  curry (vinoth) + meatball sliders (kial) + braised short rib gnocchi (mike)

Most successful outcomes spawn from careful planning and meticulous execution.  Planning and execution are of utmost importance on Football Sunday; how else would it be possible to toggle through 13 football games in 8hours while putting together a multi component meal?

FBS_ramen_02FBS_ramen_03My Sunday Morning started at 9am as I surrendered to the mixed chatter of NFL Game Day Morning on the TV and menu planning on the couch.  Before I could fully process my surroundings, Mike and Kial were gone to make their grocery stops and Vinnoth was downstairs to take me to Chinatown to meet back up with them.

It was brunching hour and we were ramen bound; no crowds, no lines, no lists – apparently ramen isn’t a brunch hotspot.   We took our seats at Ryus Noodle Bar (not my first choice, but it’s quickly gaining popularity amongst Mike and Kial).  As Mike and Kial unzipped their jackets, I quickly came to the realization that we were out in public and they were in matching Dallas jerseys.  Mike kept it casual and paired his jersey with jeans and a hat and Kial kept it classy and layered his over a crisp white polo.  I died a little from embarrassment, Vinoth sat there pretending to be full, and Mike was overjoyed as he was now 4 stamps closer to free ramen.

FB_ramen_01 |post food and beverage run| I escaped a good chunk of Football Sunday with a trip to Fabricland.  This was my first Fabricland visit outside of Winnipeg.  In Winnipeg, a trip to a lot of my frequent haunts involved a short thoughtless car ride.  In Toronto, those same haunts are a painfully Google Map-ed drive….or perhaps it’s only painful becuase, like Football Sunday, I try my best to avoid driving at all costs.

On my Fabricland list were fall fabrics for future pillows and a Thanksgiving table runner  [projects coming soon].  I have a fabric addiction.   As per Google Maps, the trip from point A to point B  was a straight line.  I figured I could easily conquer this drive.  If I were to get lost or too frustrated I had my friend Maddy in the passenger seat who was appointed reader of directions and could easily fill in as driver and I had my other friend Julie in the back seat who is new-ish to Toronto and therefore any adventure is a new one; a win-win situation.
FBS_fabric_01Fabricfabric[soon to be pillows]

The football menu was divided into 3 sections; each guy was responsible for making their own dish.   As the guys watched upset after upset unfold on the football field, they traded off kitchen time and cooked.  Like the way of Green Bay, they were up at the half but failed to deliver in the 2nd.   

| Vinoth | curry + cilantro bubbles
| Kial | meatball sliders + garlic confit + tomato sauce + parmesan foam
| Mike | drank too much white wine and therefore couldn’t execute
| Madelaine | upset at Mike


Not my most exciting Sunday escape but the season is young; until next week!

*football image from SB Nation


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