taylor swift + a new yorker + kraft singles


games: detroit vs chicago
st. louis  vs indianapolis
oakland vs new york
dallas vs new orleans
philadelphia vs green bay
escape: nia’s bday brunch + kayla’s gallery wall
on the menu:  vatican burger

Another Sunday, another face on the cot.  This new face hailed from Calgary and is a Seahawks fan.  Though I am not likely to ever cheer for Seattle, or any team for that matter, it was a refreshing site to see a bright green jersey breaking up the monotonous Dallas navy blue that I am subjected to each week.  As Mike and his football date planned their Sunday pre game-time strategy, I escaped before the conversation got serious and went for a casual jog.


I don’t consider myself a “serious” runner, but I recently purchased a running touque and a pair of running gloves with the intention of running outside the confines of my gym this fall/winter.  If you happen to catch me in the act of running, don’t be fooled by my get-up; the accessories make me look unintentionally more intense than I am.  My gloves may say “I’m an avid cold weather runner”, but the asthma inhaler strapped to my back pocket says “I don’t go further than 5k and am powered by my puffer”.   As a creature of habit I stick to paths along the Lakeshore.  The water and boats help to distract from the task at hand; there are less wandering walkers to dodge; and most importantly, there are less opportunities to run into pockets of questionable smells.


brunch_01When cleaned and ready, I headed out to meet Kat and Kayla for Nia’s Lakeview bday brunch.  Nia’s 1 week fresh from NYC with love.  Happy Birthday and welcome back to the land of toonies and Caesars.  Canada missed you!

lakeviewkayla_02After Kayla and I  split a double eggs benny breakfast [1 on a crab cake + 1 on a chicken and waffle], we headed back to her place to spruce up her condo walls.  I’m a firm believer in…a home is not a home without a gravy boat and a gallery wall.  I’m not too certain of her gravy boat situation but she now has a super cute gallery wall to call her own!

After a series of yes, no, maybe, how ’bout this one there?, wait what about this?…. [while her bf sat at the dining room table eating a sandwich] we finaly came up with an arrangement that worked.  It’s balanced, centered, and as per Kayla’s wishes, revolved around one Taylor Swift.  Yay us! TEAMWORK!

Kayla’s gallery wall pics/picks:
-T.Swift watercolour | Etsy
-matryoshka block print | Etsy
-patterned post cards | the Drake General Store
-water colour hipster pup | painted by a local Toronto artist
-Chanel purse painting | Etsy
-black and white photo | from my box of Elliott Erwitt postcards

pattiesFeeling a sense of accomplishment, I walked home with my head high as each step took me closer back to Football Sunday.  I knew upon arrival that I would be coming home to either a coherent pair of guys or a row of empty PBRs.  Unfortunately, it was the latter yet Mike was able to get himself together for the greater good of our empty stomachs.  Slightly  less obnoxious than a KFC Double Down and inspired by The Burger’s Priest Vatican Burger, Mike made a multi decker burger sandwiched  between 2 [Kraft Single!!!] grilled cheese sandwiches.

As the face from Calgary, momentarily, passed out on the couch, Mike constructed 3 mega burgers and fried up some home cut fries.  The burger was so tall that I could barely get a grasp on it.  If it weren’t for that chopstick skewer holding it togther I would have been 1 big hot burger mess.  I hate to say it, but I didn’t think that Mike would be able to pull it off given his state.   Like those who betted against St. Louis over Indianapolis, I too betted against Mike.  I figured at the very least I’d have left over Kraft singels for the week which is  a big deal as this is the first time I have ever seen processed sliced and individually packed cheese in our fridge since moving in with Mike.  Along the same vein as the grilled cheese,  St. Louis and Mike both came out on top!

the burger

burger Burger on burger on burger

-see you next week!.

** Please note that I tried my best to keep the use of the words RUNNING and BURGER to a minimum.


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