COLTS-TEXANSgames: minnesota vs dallas san diego  vs washington seattle vs tampa bay indianapolis vs houston escape: brunch on the menu:  lasagna

Upon survey of the most frequently discussed topics on this blog, aside from the Dallas Cowboys and therefore Mike’s roller coaster of emotions [Dallas won today so his roller coaster car is on the up climb], it’s no surprise that ramen and brunch came out on top.  True to trend, this Sunday I escaped football by brunching; home-made brunch at Maddy’s! After a series of texts, google searches, and recipe book page turns, Kayla, Maddy and I decided on green eggs and ham bacon with a side of potato rosti and fresh fruit.

brunch_01 brunch_02  fruit ceasarfor a refreshing twist on the caesar… cut cucumbers into little cubes | add to glass with lime wedges | muddle | then go about your caesar-ly way! rosticourtesy of Maddy click here for the recipe meal_01 Green Eggs [spinach scrambled eggs] | serves 4 Sam-i-am’s recipe from Out To Brunch at Mildred Pierce Restaurant 2.5 cups spinach leaves | tightly packed 12 large eggs 1tsp kosher salt 1tbsp unsalted butter blanch spinach | drain and squeeze excess water in a blender or food processor purée eggs + spinach + salt melt butter in a large omelette pan | med heat when sizzling add the green eggs and continuously stir gently with a spatula until it sets meal_02 Though we did not eat them in a box and we did not eat them with a fox we did eat them with these 2 fur balls.  As we brunch dated, Charlie [son to Maddy] and Hulk [son to Kayla] had their own puppy play date so I thought it appropriate to include them in this post.  It’s hard to resist not sharing these mugs. charlie_02 hulk_02kayla_maddy Onto the next meal.  After leaving Whoville I re-entered the world for Football Sunday.   I arrived home to find Mike in pasta mode with 2 TVs on each playing a different football game; multitasking.  As he watched, he rolled, layered, cut, and spread the ricotta + spinach lasagna together.  Thought it’s been a long time since I last ate lasagna, images of Garfield never fade. pasta_06 pastamakinglayeringlayering_02 layer_08lasagna_gbreadThe gigantic home-made porchetta buns from last week made a re-appearance to live their last leg as garlic bread.  YUM!lasagna_03 -until next week! football pic from USA Today [Thomas Campbell]


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