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dallas green bay

games: philadelphia vs new minnesota
green bay vs dallas
chicago vs cleveland
new orleans vs st louis
escape:  christmas baking
menu: roast beef dinner

It was 10 days to Christmas and Toronto, finally, saw snow.  Just when I thought it was going to be a pavement Christmas, it snowed and snowed and kept on snowing.  It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!  Mike and I strapped on our boots [for the first time this season], zipped up our coats, and ventured out into the white for our usual pre Football Sunday ritual.  I’ll save you the details as it’s no different from the last few weeks [if you are interested in the details I suggest reading last week’s post or the week’s before that or the one before that].  If you noticed, I officially termed this a “ritual”.


We arrived home promptly at noon with bellies filled with ramen.  Mike dumped the groceries onto the kitchen counter and darted straight to the couch.  I de-booted, headed straight to the non grocery occupied kitchen counter space, and started to concoct my cookie decorating icings.  I had baked sugar cookies the night before and had a mountain of naked cookies waiting to be iced.


I used the following recipes for the cookies and the icing.
Like most recipes I use, both were googled and both had tons of positive feedback.

sugar cookies
[i made 1/2 the recipe]
1.5c softened butter | 2c white sugar | 4 eggs | 1tsp vanilla extract | 5c flour | 2tsps baking powder | 1tsp salt
pre heat oven to 400 degrees

cream butter + sugar until smooth | beat in eggs + vanilla | stir in flour + baking powder + salt
cover + chill dough for @ least 1 hour
flour surface | roll out dough to 1/2- 1/4″ thick
cut out desired shapes | place 1″ apart on un greased baking sheet
bake 6-8mins | cool

…red velvet macarons…
cookie :
macaron shells made with red food colour | for recipe click here
12 oz chopped white chocolate | 1tbsp loran’s red velvet bakery emulsion | 1c heavy cream

mix together cream + red velvet emulsion in sauce pan | bring to boil on med-high heat
remove from heat + let sit for 5 minutes | bring mixture back to boil over med-high heat
pour directly onto chocolate to melt | mix until completely smooth
pour ganache into shallow dish and let cool @ room temp
cover surface with plastic wrap directly touching ganache surface | refrigerate for a couple hours-over night
when mixture is about the consistency of toothpaste it’s ready for pipping!


for sugar cookie icing recipe and tutorial click  here



I decided on mason jars in leiu of a box to package up my sweet treats.  They are low cost and ultra hipster.  To add a little Christmas spirit to my mason jars I made doily inspired liners and topped them off with a little bobble.

To make the ‘doily’ I started with a piece of scrap paper | folded it up snowflake style and cut a curve along the top to create a scalloped edge | traced it onto a heavier paper to make a template | with the template I cut out scalloped circles in gold wrapping paper | for that added doily touch, i went around the border with my Martha Stewart screw punch

As Mike cursed another Dallas lead brought to defeat at the hands of Green Bay I decorated and doily-ed.


cookies_01 veg

In honour of the ‘it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’ feeling, Mike decided to serve up a warm + hardy +family festive meal and he put me in charge of apps.  So naturally, completely opposite to classic family style, I decided on oysters; malpeques.  oystersmushroom_potatoes
Mike made roast beef with with all the fixins.  As he slaved over the stove I shucked oysters…and then ate them solo as Mike is not too keen on oysters and always insists that I should eat them all as I would enjoy them more.

The only thing better than roast beef + horseradish is roast beef + horseradish + yorkshire pudding!!!  Mike served up both with a side of  poached + dried + roasted in goose fat potatoes, a mushroom gravy, and roasted vegetables [candy-cane beets + eggplant + brussels sprouts + cipollini onions]; the perfect pre Christmas meal!


-let it snow let it snow let it snow

football pic from


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