games: new orleans vs carolina
 dallas vs washington
pittsburgh vs green bay
new york vs detroit
escape:  frame shopping
menu: caprese salad + lobster & pesto risotto

This Sunday was an early one.  Mike and I both woke at around 9:30.  In this instance, I was the motivating force; for once, this early rise was not football in nature.  After some wheeling and dealing, I got Mike to agree to take me to Ikea with only 2 caveats: [1]we had to go early and [2]I had to be in and out in under 20minutes.  We avoided the crowds, fit in a trip to Costco, got ramen, and was home in time to catch the kick off of the Dallas + Washington game.

We were slightly shocked to see Ikea sans screaming + running children and to experience an easy carting Costco retail floor.  We chalked it up to timing.  However, as we drove home, we began to realize that Toronto was freezing over.  Trees were icicles, streetcars were at a standstill, and the sidewalks were extra slippery.  Eventually, the freeze led to trees/branches falling and power outages across Toronto and surrounding cities; no light, no heat, no power to cook or refrigerate food right before Christmas.  Downtown Toronto [at least where we live]  was not too badly affected.


On Saturday night I stumbled upon the Ikea website and saw that they were having a 50% off frames sale.  I had to seize the opportunity as my pile of found ‘things’ to frame was not getting any smaller.  I had frameless images of various sizes and one of which was an 18×18″ Rifle print.  After some extensive frame research, I knew there was no way I could get a frame to accommodate an image that size under $65.  It was Ikea or bust!

I took this 50% off sale as a sign that I should start accumulating frames and organizing my images in preparation for a future gallery wall.  The wall in which these frames will live is still TBA but when that wall is selected I will be prepared to hammer + hang!



The walls of my living room and dining area are fully dressed. So, I am thinking that this future wall may end up in the bedroom.  In the living room, I have a wall with a collection of images + souvenirs from our travels, the menu from the night we dined in Reims and Mike proposed, our wedding invite, and some graphic + floral prints.

 note: I tried to casually slip in my wedding/relationship related items amongst my everyday home decor.  There are personal touches scattered every where.  I think it’s the best way to showcase meaningful things without suffocating everyone with cheese. 

Opposite to my main gallery wall, I have another little photo arrangement which include 2 images of French provincial chairs [vintage], a floral print [Ikea], B+W’s of an Edward Steichen and Audrey Hepburn|Funny Face images, and some postcards from exhibits I saw at the AGO.  In my dining area I hung a set of 4 B+W images from a box of Elliott Erwitt postcards set against kraft paper as they were too small for the frames.


For this upcoming wall, I have started collecting images and objects that are, so far, slightly more feminine in aesthetic [sorry Mike].

above: floral print card [Rifle Paper Co.] | gold M [Indigo] | gold heart [SS Print Shop] | Ikea frames
below: wedding card [Rifle Paper Co.] | Ikea frames –> bought this card cuz it’s kind of a funny thing to hang epsecially if it’s going in the bedroom. ha



above: Paris print [Rifle Paper Co.] | Ikea Frame
below: 3x tear drop hanging vases [CB2], B+W card [Mike’s Valentine’s day card from last year], silver rectangular frame [CB2]


As Mike gave his undivided attention to the Dallas game I gave my undivided attention to framing.  His moments of unbridled excitement, especially toward the end of the game when Dallas busted out a win by 1 with only minutes left in the 4th quarter, were echoed by my cheers of success from achieving the perfectly centered framed image.  Stay tuned to see this gallery wall obsession unfold!


While at Costco, I noticed that they had set up a seafood stand near the meat section [likely temporary for the holidays].  I turned to Mike and jokingly suggested [I was 89% serious] that he make us lobster risotto for dinner.  Before I knew it there were 2 lobster tails in the cart!


For dinner we went Italian.  Mike made a delicious pesto that carried out the flavour base for the meal.  To start, we had a caprese salad which featured fresh tomatoes + basil, fior de latte cheese [game over], and a topping of pesto.  For our main, Mike made a lobster + pesto risotto; so rich + so creamy + so delicious!  When the bowl was licked clean I sat there stuffed and yet found myself wishing I had more.

-3 days to Christmas!!!

football pic from 


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