a big day

week 20 cover

games: new england vs denver
san francisco vs seattle
escape: brunch + AGO
menu: nachos + wings + ribs

I prematurely woke on Sunday morning to find I had the bed all to myself.  As I made my way to the bathroom I located Mike.  He was awkwardly sprawled on the short end of our sectional as Vinoth was curled in full fetal on the other end.  I guess this makes up for the last few weeks of couch vacancies.  After my washroom break, I headed back to my bed, rolled around in all my free mattress space and fell asleep.  Eventually, Mike made his way back to the bedroom, I rolled back onto my side of the bed, and Vinoth uncurled from his ball on the couch.

union tartar
Before the boys headed for garlic ramen they dropped me off to meet Nia and Kat for brunch at Union.  Are you sick of looking at tar tar?  I often contemplate ordering a different dish, but I can’t help it; I’m a slave to what I like.  I wasn’t going to add this picture to this post but this tar tar was plated differently.  It came with an egg.  It’s pretty much a whole new dish.



Shortly after placing our brunch order, I received a text message from Mike; no words just the photo below.  A rush of conflicting feelings suddenly surged through my body.  I couldn’t decide if I was embarrassed by his sweat pant + over sized Jerome Bettis outfit + extremely achieved expression or if I was proud of his 10 ramen bowler status.  After all, at the 10 mark, you get a free order of gyozas.



After brunch, Kat and I went to the Art Gallery to check out the current exhibition.  The Great Upheaval featured masterpieces from the Guggenheim’s collection.  These works of art were from a period in Europe of great change and development in society, technology, and creativity.  Amongst a sea of Kandinskys, we were in the presence of Chagall, Matisse, and Mondrian to name a few.

picassoLe Moulin de la Galette | Pablo Picasso

paris-through-the-window-1913.jpg!BlogParis Through the Window | Marc Chagall

As I wandered from room to room observing paintings of saturated colour and intentional brush strokes, I realized how much I don’t know about the art world.  I appreciate the work, am in awe of the talent, and enjoy being an audience to its existence but I’ve decided that this year I will make more of an effort to educate myself on the history that surrounds the art and the artist.  And if all else fails, I have Melody on speed dial; a good friend (currently living in Glasgow) who is well versed on the topic.

duchampApropos of Little sister | Marcel Duchamp

yellow-cow Yellow Cow | Franz Marc

Back at the homestead, a new crop of guys were parked on our couch.  Alongside Mike, the 2 new faces put together a meat on meat on meat meal as the San Fran – Seattle game played out.  I had a front row seat stool to the nacho building event of the Football Sunday season.  As I sat  there, I observed Pete create a triple nacho layer experience in which every chip in the pile could be the coveted nucleus chip.

week20_nachos2 Pete | Nacho Pile

week_20_wings Tony | dry rub + hot buffalo + asian style wings

week20_ribs_01 Mike | southern style pork ribs

-proud wife…???

football pic | seahawks.com | kevin casey


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