cashing in

probowl players

game: pro bowl
escape: honest ed’s
menu: ramen
salad + moroccan spiced chicken + curry rolls

My new favourite game of the season is the Pro Bowl.  Mike doesn’t watch it, and therefore, neither does my TV.  For the first time in a 20 weeks I got to spend an entire Sunday with my husband; a Sunday that wasn’t regimented by the Football Sunday Schedule.  Our couch was vacant and our dinner wasn’t as elaborate as week’s past but this snowy Sunday was just right.


Mike’s home away from home opened a second location on Bloor West several months ago and since, we’ve been wanting to check it out.  We finally had a Sunday without a 1pm curfew and were able to venture further from home.  The Kinton 2 menu was slightly different from Kinton 1’s and this restaurant had a lot more seats.  Though we didn’t have to stand in a line to wait for a table, I think I still prefer Kinton 1.  The ramen tasted a little different but was still delicious.




Mike cashed in on his 10 Ramen Bowler prize and I was privy to his free gyozas.  I have been waiting for this moment since 9 ramens ago.  We both ordered a beer (mine with clamato) and then slurped up our usuals; Shio Ramen for me and Spicy Garlic Ramen for Mike.

kinton_02  honesteds_01

After our ramen fill,  we walked east to Honest Ed’s; a Toronto discount landmark since 1948.  I’ve collectively lived in Toronto now for almost 3 years and this was my first time entering this establishment.  I figure better late than never, especially seeing as Honest Ed’s has been sold.




One step through the front door [or possibly side door…I couldn’t tell] and I was transported to another era.  I felt like I entered the world of Napoleon Dynamite; cue Kip in a cut off shirt + grey sweats + rollerblades.  The building housed floor after crooked floor of ‘stuff’ with posters on every wall to entertain you along the way.  Thank goodness Mike was able to navigate us around as I would for sure be walking in circles.  Each floor was filled with things you never knew you needed.


honesteds_03$63 later and were on our way home with Hello Kitty nail polish + 2 books + a mini pink whisk +  a mini green spatula + a pack of Cherry Blasters + a cocktail swizzle spoon + 2 boxes of non KD Mac and Cheese + a stack of blank CDs + $20 in pasta.


After a day of exploring we headed back home to relax with not a single football in sight.  For dinner Mike whipped up a salad with homemade croutons + gouda + tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.  We oven baked the remaining “curry” rolls from Shereen and Mike paired them with a pan seared Moroccan spiced chicken breast.  It wasn’t the most photogenic meal but it was delish!


-Happy Pro Bowl!

football pic from | Scott Cunningham


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