let’s take a break

off season banner

Football is over, the snow is melting, and my Sundays no longer have an impeding feeling to flee.  Week 1 of Football Sunday feels like forever ago.  I powered through 20+ weeks of pigskin dominated Sundays; an achievement that I am proud of.  I made it out ALIVE!  And now, I have 6 months worth of Sundays that will not include the words “touch down”, “the Cowboys blew their lead”, and “we need to be home before kick off”.  I’m sure that our Sunday ramen brunches will continue and that there will be the odd face on the couch come Sunday morning, but my escape football + return for dinner routine will come to a halt until September.  My Sunday escapes from now until then will be based on non football related decisions.  This being said, for the next 6months I present to you THE OFF SEASON – a season that I am sure will be filled with food and Sunday (+ possibly other weekday) adventures.

join me if you please


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