the off season: a week with a juicer


Maddy left and all I got was a juicer! – a sentiment that I definitely need printed on a tee to wear while juicing.  I’ve been wanting a juicer for quite some time, but since this ‘want’ developed so late in the Mike + Madelaine kitchen wish list, our lack of counter space had deemed it unnecessary.  Our kitchen counter tops currently house a toaster + coffee grinder + kettle + Kitchenaid + Mike’s huge nuts and bolts organizer turned spice rack + pepper mill + small tv + coffee press + coffee/espresso machine + blender; no space for a juicer.  However, upon hearing that Maddy wasn’t taking hers to San Francisco, I stepped up and volunteered to take it in and provide it a home; that’s what friends do after all.  After some strategic appliance shuffling, Maddy’s Breville juicer now resides snugly beside the Kitchenaid and the blender.  

juicer_03Since acquiring this new kitchen appliance, I have been obsessed.  Who knows how long this will last, but for the time being, our produce bill has been racking up.  I may have lost a friend, but I gained a bounty of fresh juices; thanks Maddy!

note: I am not claiming to be a health guru or to even be fully aware of the pros and cons of juicing.  The following aren’t optimal power fast acting glowing skin weight loss longer living fruit + veggie combos [but who knows they might be] they are simply my on the fly concoctions that I really enjoyed and thought I’d share.

I have replaced my morning coffee with a fresh juice and by association so has Mike.  The way I see it, any extra nutrients is a good thing!

day 1: my first juice 
1- gala apple 
1- yellow mango 
5- strawberries 
1/2- cucumber 
5- kale leaves 
__________ about 550mL 

day 2: getting adventurous 
1- gala apple 
6- strawberries  [I had a box going bad so this is me trying to use it all up] 
6- kale leaves 
1/2- cucumber 
1.5- carrots 
1/2- yellow mango 
1- pear 
__________ 600mL 

day 3: going for something summery 
1/2- mini watermelon 
1/2- cucumber 
2- celery stalks 
4- strawberries 
1- pear   
__________ 750mL 

day 4: perhaps my favorite yet 
1- carrot 
4- strawberries 
1- beet 
1- pear 
4- kale leaves 
1- handful of spinach 
1- pomegranate 
__________ 600mL 

day 5: success! finally used up all the strawberries 
3/4- cantaloupe 
1- red mango 
1- carrot 
4- kale leaves 
__________ about 600mL 

…caesar inspired…
1 cup tomato juice [about 3 vine tomatoes]
1/4 oz cilantro juice 
1/2 oz jalapeno juice 
1/2 oz lime juice 
2 oz celery juice 
1/4 cup cucumber cubes 
2  oz pickle juice 
Worcestershire to taste 
Tabasco to taste 
2 oz vodka
celery salt

rim glass with celery salt
muddle cucumbers in glass with lime juice
add ice
add all juices
add vodka
add Worcestershire + Tabasco to taste

…spicy pineapple marg…
1 cup pineapple juice 
1/2 oz jalapeno juice 
1/2 oz lime 
2 wedges  lemon 
1 oz triple sec 
2 oz tequila 
kosher salt 

mix kosher salt + cayenne and rim glass
add all liquids to a shaker with ice
pour into  a glass [with ice]
top with more pineapple juice if needed
sprinkle a dash of cayenne pepper on top

-happy juicing!



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