the off season: return of the juicer


As my relationship with this juicer grows, I am finding more uses for it, more juices to juice, and more recipes to invent.  My most recent concoctions were brought upon by this sudden summer that sneaked up on us here in Toronto; winter winter then boom…summer!  There was no time to transition and in my efforts to basque in the sudden rise in temperatures I came up with these 2 simple, and likely obvious, recipes for an instant summer cool down.

[1] rocket pop


The ultimate summer treat on a hot day.  Popsicles are instant throwbacks to my childhood; back to my grandmas front yard on a scorching hot Winnipeg day waiting for the ice-cream bike to jingle by.

3 different fruits to juice
popsicle moulds

-juice 3 fruits/flavours of your choice [I chose pomegranate + honeydew + mango]
-fill the moulds 1/3 of the way with juice #1
-freeze for 1-2hrs
-remove from freezer + wiggle out the stick
-fill the moulds 2/3 of the way with juice #2
-place back in the freezer for another 1-2hrs
-remove from freezer + wiggle out the stick
-fill the moulds the reaming 3rd of the way with juice #3
-freeze for 3+ hrs until set
-when frozen, to remove from moulds, run it under warm water for a couple seconds + wiggle out


[2] blood orange sangria

1 bottle of fruity red wine
3 blood oranges
1 lemon for juicing + extra lemon slices for garnish
1 lime for juicing + extra lime slices for garnish
other fruits of your choice for garnish [I went with kiwis + strawberries]
1 can of blood orange Pellegrino
2 oz Triple Sec
4 oz orange vodka [or any other flavour
orange bitters [optional]

-juice the blood oranges + lemon + lime
-cut extra fruit for floating garnish
-pour bottle of wine into a large pitcher
-add vodka + Triple Sec
-add the juiced citrus
-top off with blood orange Pellegrino
-add a few dashes of orange bitters [optional]

note: I don’t like to add ice to the pitcher, instead, I add ice to the glasses the drink will be served in.




One response to “the off season: return of the juicer

  1. Both recipes sound great! Nice idea to add triple sec to sangria. I can imagine that this freshens the flavour really well, unlike the traditional brandy which can make it too boozy

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