FBS3: another dose of gold

pho_bannerIt is week 3 of Football Sunday and the season is still tingling with newness; the same feeling one experiences during their first few weeks back at school.  As I am slowly re-adjusting to a routine that I know all too well, Mike adjusts as though he never left the chaise side of our sectional- his feet subtly hang over the edges of the couch and my decorative pillows strategically fall into place to support each of his TV viewing limbs.  The pristine pillows start to de fluff; the air is more crisp; the trees are turning; and the wardrobe that fresh faced students have been strategically curating since the late summer sale season [and have combined with some new pre fall pieces] can finally be worn.

Since I am no longer a student, I get a little nostalgic around back-to-school and have channelled this need for tingles of newness into my home decor.  Over the past few months, I have been collecting pictures + frames + books + ‘things’ with no specific use in mind; a classic episode of my buy 1st + find a need later disease.  These treasures hid in corners, behind doors, and under tables.  They had no home until it hit me, Mike and I were in need of an étagère.  Once again, on a shoe string budget and with minimal space, I Ikea Hacked one to hold me over.

jonathan adler Jonathan Adler: Radcliffe + Jaques

style at homeStyle at Home Magazine

vogue_paloma Vogue via http://erikabrechtel.com | La Dolce Vita blog via pintrest

…project 2: operation étagère…
I’m not the first to do this and I’m certain it’s been done and featured on many blogs…but here’s how mine turned out.

Similar to project 1, all you need is a major dose of GOLD!


[1] spray paint – I left the shelf dis assembled and spray painted the individual pieces in gold | the spray paint dried in 15mins + it required 1.5 cans to get 2 coats


[2] to ensure uniformity I spray painted the screws gold as well | an easy way to get them all done in 1 shot is to use a plastic fruit basket as a stand | space the screws out through the holes and spray paint.


[3] with white spray paint, coat 1 side of the wooden squares that sit at the top + bottom of the shelf | the side that sits at the top and faces down + the side that sits at the bottom and faces up will be the only surfaces visible…so my advice is to focus on getting an even coat on those sides before spray painting the rest of the square  or don’t spray paint the other sides at all.

shelf_bottom[4] assemble when dry

[5] gather your treasures and place on display | I displayed boxes of wedding mementos + pics + books + candles + Morty [my pig] + my unused vases


The furniture was French but our dinner was Vietnamese.  Mike was drunk with joy with, yet another, Cowboys win – or maybe he was just drunk.  This time around, Dallas defeated St. Louis.

limes_01 As Carrie Underwood serenaded us into the Carolina vs. Pittsburg game, Mike ladled spoonfuls of broth that had been stewing all day and pieced together beef + cilantro + bean sprouts + thai basil.


Dinner was served.  We had Pho; a Football Sunday 1st!


The only beans I came home to this Sunday were sprouts.

Stop by next week to see my 3rd + final fall home decor spruce up and see how it all comes together.




3 responses to “FBS3: another dose of gold

  1. Madelaine, I feel like I need to see your place like asap, because I bet it is just so nicely decorated! Loving the gold DIY display. I wish I could do more DIYs but a part of me isn’t patient enough! Also, does Mike do at home food delivery?!?

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

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