FBS4: touch ups + touchdowns

pasta_bannerWith the addition of some framed prints + 3M velcro tape + a new gold horned friend and a couple cans of spray paint, our condo touch up was complete and it only took 4 FBS’s.  Since moving in, our condo’s focal/TV wall has been quite calm.  On it was no more than 6 wall hangings and a whole lot of white space.  Fast forward 1.5 years and my mishmashed aesthetic finally makes its way onto this wall.

Brace yourselves, this post is the 3rd and final instalment of my condo DIY decor update.

before corners[I managed to find these ‘befores’ taken when we first first moved in]

…project 3: operation make the wall less white…

After accumulating images + frames + other wall hangings over the course of the year, I was finally ready and motivated to gallery wall.  I’ve designed so many gallery walls that this noun has transformed itself into a verb.  Here’s how it all came together


1. mirrored studded circle -Home Sense
2. Paris print -Rifle Paper Co.  + white RIBBA frame -IKEA
3. 2x small square black frames -Home Sense
4. landscape rectangular silver frame -CB2
5. white [4×6] Söndrum frame -IKEA
6. gunmetal [4×6] frame -Dollarama [???]
7. framed vintage floral print -IKEA
8. white Kingsbury Collage Frame -Urban Barn | This is my subtle way of displaying our wedding pics
9. Goldie the wall hanging ram | aka Gloria Rambo – CB2

livingroom_07livingroom_0610. gold M -Indigo
11. white RIBBA frame -IKEA + Say Grace print -SS Print Shop
12. silver foil on wood frame -Indigo + Le Glamour Print by Garance Doré [Rifle Paper Co.]
13. Söndrum [4×6] frame -IKEA + post card stationary from Veuve Clicquot’s Hotel du Marc | where we got engaged
14. white framed porthole mirror -Home Sense
15. pair of gold framed vintage arm chair prints -Abraham’s Trading Inc [Queen St. West]
16. black RIBBA frame -IKEA + skull silk screen print -La Carnita [restaurant]
17. white square RIBBA frame -IKEA + pig water colour -Art Gallery of Ontario Gift Shop

livingroom_01FYI..home decor is in the air and will be lingering for the next couple weeks.  Though mine is over, my friend Shereen’s is just getting started.   As she continues to settle into her new condo and her large furniture pieces start to arrive, the excitement of decorating details and finishing touches is starting to build.  Since I was there on day 1 -for the pre condo purchase- I naturally feel involved/am forcing my inclusion into all important condo decor decisions [ha].  The befores + afters will be making an appearance on the blog soon; stay tuned!


…Sunday Night Football…


This week for Sunday dinner, Mike decided on Italian.  We are getting to the point where coming up with new meal ideas isn’t so easy.  Also this week, we hosted Shereen + her dad [who is in town to help her move]; decidedly the best dinner guests to date solely based on the fact that they came with a 42 piece box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a bottle of scotch [which strategically distracted Mike away from the chocolates]!!!

In exchange for Ferrero Rocher, we served them a panzanella salad followed by fresh made zucchini stuffed ravioli.

…panzanella salad…


-cubed sour dough bread
-rough chopped radicchio
-thin sliced shallot
-thin sliced red chilli pepper
-heirloom grape tomatoes
-fresh mozzarella cheese
-crisp fried + chopped smoked bacon
-rough chopped lettuce
basil pesto

combine all ingredients
toss in sun dried tomato dressing
plate with a smear of pesto


sun dried tomato dressing

3 sun dried tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 shallot bulb
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 tbs thyme
1 cup olive oil

in a food processor combine sundered tomatoes + garlic + shallots + thyme
gradually add in white wine vinegar
gradually add in olive oil
add salt + pepper to taste


followed by…
pasta_02pasta_01 zucchini stuffed fresh ravioli with tomato + sausage in an olive oil and garlic sauce

Though I didn’t get to hear Carrie Underwood introduce the evening Dallas game via song [as Mike PVRd the start of the game waiting for the arrival of Kial + Vinoth and then proceeded to fast forward through it once they arrived] it was the first time in 4 weeks that the normalcy I grew accustom to over the last FBS season finally returned.  It may have only lasted the duration of the Dallas vs New Orleans game, but it felt just like old times.  This game marked 3 consecutive weeks of Cowboys wins; a big deal in our household.

To quote Shereen’s dad, ” New Orleans played how Dallas normally plays” – accurate observation Mo – too bad you bet on New Orleans for the win.

see you next sunday!



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