THE OFF SEASON: about a bed

bedding_cover_01Football season is over and my Sundays are officially free from moments that live and die by downs, flags, and whistles.  Yay!  I will have a husband 7days a week [instead of 6] and will have full + uninterrupted weekend access to our living room TV.  Let the Off Season begin!

This time last year, winter was on its way out.  The snow was melting into puddles and the warming weather easily lured me out of my condo confines.  However, this year, it feels like winter just started and has no end.  The outdoors are keeping me in and I’m left with no choice but to re-decorate and freshen up the spaces that i will be spending ALL winter in.

The room that had been aching for a pick-me-up the most was our bedroom.  After 6 months of football I decided that I deserved some home decor related retail therapy.  Mike seemed to agree as he didn’t object when I suggested that we needed a whole new bedding set.


bed_06bed_05Mike moved out to Toronto several months before I did and our bed was the first piece of furniture that he purchased.  He picked out the bed frame, the mattress, and all the bedding to dress it.  I had no say as I wasn’t in the city to annoyingly obsess over the finer furniture decisions [however, when I did arrive, one of the first things I did was sew some decorative pillows for it].  Similar to our stance on our living room furniture, we aren’t planning to buy a new bed frame until we are in our forever home.  I’ve learn to live with his bed + bedding choices for this long, so what’s another year or so?



Since the bed was staying, I decided to freshen up the sheets and pillows atop it and change up the furnishings around it.  With the addition of new bedding and a couple changes to the decor on the night stands, I was able to give our room a fresh new look.  I kept the colour palette light + calm + and airy.  Though it took every bone in my body not to choose floral printed everything, I promised Mike that I wouldn’t make the room too girly.  In my compromise, I chose bold stripes as the main pattern and mixed in texture and just a bit of florals through pillow trims and prints.


bedroom_05C H A N G E S

1. new bedding | light aqua 700 thread count cotton/poly flat sheet + fitted sheet + pillow cases : | mod stripe duvet cover :

2. new pillows | printed petals shams : | embroidered percale euro shams : | faux fur + demask pillows : DIY

bedroom_04 3. floral frescos | originally hanging on a different wall of our bedroom : HomeSense

4. books | we have no shortage of books and with the new ones we’ve accumulated over the last couple months, stacking a pile on each nightstand was both decorative + for storage

5. lamp + cast iron pig + candle | items all taken from our living room

bedroom_06 bedroom_07

A little went a long way.  Our updated cozy bedroom oasis is complete.  If you need me, I will be surrounded by pillows and buried under sheets; hibernation.

-see you in the spring! jk


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