THE OFF SEASON: happy birthday!

bday2015_01It may not feel like it by recent Toronto weather patterns, but it is finally July and it is finally starting to feel like summer; perfect timing for my birthday!  As I share my birthday month with both Canada Day + American Independence Day, there’s a lot of celebrating to be done and a celebration is not complete without a birthday cake and sprinkles!

bday2015_02Since starting an Instagram account for my macaron creations + inspirations [@memoirs_of_a_macaron]  I have been scrolling through more cake + baking pics than ever.  In the last 5 weeks I have seen perfectly pipped + flocked sugar cookies, colourful creative macarons, and show-stopping cakes.  Though the cookies are impressive, the cakes take the cake.  Perhaps one day with enough baking courage, I will switch from macarons to cakes, but until then, I’ve decided to ring in July with birthday cake macarons.


bday2015_05M A C A R O N  S H E L L S :

137.5g of sifted almond flour
125g icing sugar
97.5g egg whites @ aged* + room temp
105g granulated sugar

bday2015_06for further instructions click …here

**once the shells have been piped sprinkle the sprinkles on each cookie before leaving them to dry on the baking sheets

bday2015_07bday2015_09E X T R A  B A K I N G  T I P S :
Bake @ 300ºF

Because these shells were left white, I obsessively watched each batch as they baked to ensure that they didn’t brown.  

@ 9 minutes | rotate the baking sheet in the oven
@ 14 minutes | check for doneness – if the cookie feels solid to the touch they are done, if not pop them back in the oven
@ 16 minutes | check again for doneness -at this point, depending on your oven, the cookies should be done

bday2015_08bday2015_17B I R T H D A Y  C A K E  G A N A C H E :

170g of milk chocolate
1/4 + 1/8c whipping cream
2-3 teaspoons of butter vanilla emulsion | If you don’t have this ingredient I’m sure a combination of vanilla + butter extract will also work

bday2015_10in a sauce pan add whipping cream and 2 tsp of emulsion | stir and bring to a simmer
once simmering remove from heat and let sit for 5-10 minutes
while cream mixture sits,  begin to melt white chocolate in a double boiler
bring cream mixture back to a simmer

bday2015_12when chocolate is melted add simmering cream mixture and fold to combine
mix until smooth
if chocolate isn’t fully melted, use a food processor to smooth out the mix
taste the ganache | add more of the emulsion flavouring if needed + stir to combine

pour into shallow dish | let ganache cool to room temp
cover with plastic wrap directly touching ganache surface | place in fridge for 2hrs [until mix thickens] to overnight


bday2015_16when ganache has set, whip with a mixer until light and fluffy
transfer to pipping bag and start filling macarons

bday2015_15bday2015_11Plate them up, stack them high, balance some candles amongst the pile and make a wish.  Here’s to the last birthday of my 20’s.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !



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