THE OFF SEASON: niagara on the lake

lakehouseOntario, the forth largest province [in total land area, territories inclusive….according to Wikapedia] in Canada and home to 5 national parks, 16 lakes, and over 27 000 restaurants; Mike and I have barely scratched the surface.  Hailing from Manitoba, a province that’s just over 1/2 the size of this one, our exploration eyes have widened and our gas tank has never seen so many fill ups.  This past weekend Mike’s mom was in town.  Having only visited in the past during the winter months, it was the perfect opportunity to explore the picturesque-almost story book like town of Niagara on the Lake [reminds me every time of the Gilmor Gilrs’ Stars Hollow] and give her a taste of wine country.

niagara_treeThe last time Mike and I were in the Niagara region, we took mainly to the tourist sites.  We saw the falls, did the rides, and putted a round amongst the dinosaurs.  This visit, we spent more time in the town and took in a winery.

With as few words as possible I have strung together a little album of our trip.  The weather was perfect and the area was so lovely that snapping a great shot was easy.

niagara_vegniagara_peaches_2Not stopping at a fruit stand takes discipline + self control; Mike and I have neither.  We stopped at the 1st one we spotted and walked away with  tomatoes, peaches, and a chilli plant.  We named him Willy!

niagara_chilliapothN I A G A R A   A P O T H E C A R Y : a museum authentically restored to its 1869 pharmacy self.  This practice operated in the town from 1820-1964

niagara_apoth_02niagara_apoth_01niagara_icecreamT A Y L O R ‘ S  B A K E R Y  &  I C E  C R E A M

niagara_icecream_02niagara_horsesniagara_bookstoreO L D  N I A G A R A  B O O K S H O P

niagara           niagara_lake_03

L A K E  O N T A R I O
niagara_lake_02F O R T  G E O R G E

niagara_peller_01P E L L E R  E S T A T E S  W I N E R Y : though the actual wine making process wasn’t included on the tour [one of my fave parts of a tour], we saw the vines, toured the cellar, sampled wines [including delicious ice wines], and experience the 10 below room [built to emulate the temperature in which ice wine grapes are harvested].

field niagara_peller_02 pellerniagara_peller_03    peller_04 peller_5 peller_6 vinespierogiL I T T L E  R E D  R O O S T E R  R E S T A U R A N T :  our trip ended with dinner at this restaurant which we past twice while driving to and from the town.  We figured, why not stop in?!

Nothing like a plate of 12 pierogies to get you through an 90 minute drive back to the city!



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