THE OFF SEASON: back to London

london_03[London 2015 in Green Park]

At a holiday party, last year, I found myself tete-a-tete with a card reader.  As an avid horoscope observer and as a person who had her cards so insightfully read the previous year, I was excited to have some clues to the my 2016 to grasp on to.

I picked my 2 cards from the shuffled deck and anxiously waited for my reading. As the card reader detailed card 1, it felt indirect and vague and card 2, though also a little vague, was a lot more exciting. She said this year, I was bound for spontaneous travel.  Since, this omen of adventure was revealed, my horoscopes have been littered with hints of travel.


Perhaps it’s a self fulfilling prophecy or perhaps it’s my fate playing out, but I booked a ticket to London.  It’s been a bit over a year since Mike and I were in the UK and now I’m headed back.  With Mike busy at the new restaurant, It was the perfect time for me to take my first solo international trip.  I’ve always wondered what travelling by myself (internationally) would be like but have always been too apprehensive to do it.  Though technically it’s only “solo” for the commute to and from and the odd days in London, I’m actually headed to stay with our BFFs Melody + Billy; REUNITED!!!


I told myself that I needed to make it to Paris one last time before turning 30 and or having a baby. Though I am not expecting at the moment, I am 4 months from 30. After a week in London, Melody and I will be ending our trip with a weekend in Paris!!!   It shall be my 3rd visit to Paris yet the last time as a fresh young 20-something.  So, I appropriately spent this solo Sunday planning…made only easier by the Instagram accounts of jet setters and the handful of London locals I follow.  I was able to narrow in on a list of places I missed the last time and added in the new places I want to see.

Though guaranteed to be amended a million times over, here’s my London short list:

Tate Britain[from]

Both Tates |  Last year, I was only able to make it to the Tate Modern and it was an in and out abbreviated once around tour.  This time, I’m gunning for a Tate Modern redo and a Tate Britain first.

VA_london[from the V&A website + Instagram]

Victoria and Albert Museum | As per my Google search, the V&A is home to the world’s largest collection of decorative arts and design with over 4.5 million objects on-site.  With our busy schedule last year, I put the V&A on hold as I knew that I would be back to visit and give it the time it deserved.  I’m excited to see V&A’s permanent collection along with its current exhibition – Botticelli Reimagined


House of Hackney | The ultimate in luxurious British interiors! This shop was first brought to my attention by a friend [with an amazing eye for design] and I quickly fell in love with the HH print collections and aesthetic; surviving by regular doses via their Instagram.  We stopped in the last time were in Shoreditch and you better believe that I will be making a repeat visit.   I shall walk their shop coveting everything!Hh_london_04[all House of Hackney pics from]

HH_london_03London_01[Fortnum & Mason window]

Fortnum & Mason | Last year, I unknowingly walked by this department store while en route home from another shopping trip and was stopped in my tracks by their luring grourmet windows. We didn’t have time to stop in but this time i’m definitely making it past the windows.


Sketch | With its puffy pink on pink gallery room regularly making its rounds on my instagram feed I couldn’t help but add it onto my list – perhaps for dinner or evening cocktails.

nopi_london[from the + instagram]

NOPI | Brought to my attention by the NOPI cookbook I stopped to look at while shopping at the Good Egg in Kensington Market,  I fell in love with the beautifully photographed rustic Mediterranean dishes and immediately banked it in my store + retrieve of places to eat at in London.


Selfridges | ..because contrary to Mike’s feelings, I love Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge; an entrepreneurial visionary shop owner dressed in notched collared 3-piece suits with tails, a handsome tie, and a crisp pocket square.

fierce grace[Fierce Grace -hot yoga studio-image from]

Classpass | perhaps…maybe I flip my Classpass location on my app from Toronto to London.  I have noted a facial workout class [though I think it’s actually a facial of sorts] and a hot yoga studio that I may sign up for.


Ok, now to start planning Paris!




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