THE OFF SEASON: London -on Primrose Hill


I fished off my bagel, downed my tall glass of orange juice, and queued up to board my flight to London.  In line, I stood next to a woman sporting a sweater silk screened with a Boeing 767 taking flight.  No one looked more travel ready than she did; so naturally, I couldn’t help but strike up a conversation.  Though I didn’t catch her name, I learned that the lady with the airplane sweater had just spent the night in the terminal due to a missed flight and was on her way home from a 2 month stay in Winnipeg [what were the odds?!].  Her English accent further sparked my excitement for the trip ahead and her connection to Winnipeg sent me off with a little bit of hometown comfort.  I now had 7.5hrs to get over my apprehensions of traveling and navigating my way around an unfamiliar city solo.


I touched down in London at 8:30pm, collected my luggage, and with a hesitantly confident step, I boarded the Underground en route to meet Melody + Billy.  Success! I made it to them in record time and had 1 completed commute under my belt.

With 7 days in London to do as I pleased, though I did have a list of places to visit, there was no rush or time lined agenda to stress out my days.  So to kick off my London posts, I’ve decided to log my adventures in the laissez faire chronological order in which they unfolded.  I’m starting it nice and easy…also because I have a ton pics to sift through.

London_D1_02With my arrival over Easter weekend, we took it easy and spent my first day exploring Melody + Billy’s neighbourhood.

London_D1_05London_D1_07[the city view from Primrose Hill]

London_D1_08London_D1_06London_D1_11...and then Melody took me down a street lined with most beautiful houses and amazing doors.


London_D1_09[Keats House]


Our late afternoon walk around the neighbourhood culminated with a delicious Easter roast at a local pub.  My Yorkshire pudding wishes came true…twice!

Stay tuned for the more on my London adventure!





“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” -John Keats






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