THE OFF SEASON: macarons de mayo

macarons_01Though I still have 2 posts worth of pictures to share from my travels, I’ve decided to take a macaron break. It’s been some time since I’ve baked a batch of macs but have been meaning to do so since my trip.  From London to Paris, I spent a mini fortune sampling my way around flavours from some of the top macaron shops; well worth it!

macarons_03macarons_06P I E R R E  H E R E M E |  hands down my favourite!

macarons_02macarons_07L A D U R E E | where I tasted my 1st macaron, 9 years ago in Paris

macarons_05macarons_09M A X I M ‘ S |  located at the foot of the Louvre, I had to stop in and get a box after exploring all the pretty paintings

margmacs_01Inspired,  I spent my weekend in the kitchen.   I decided to whip up a batch perfectly festive for a Cinco de Mayo party; lemon-lime margarita macarons.  I started out on an adventurous high but was forced back to basic while attempting a ganache at the sight of curdled milk after adding heavy cream to my simmering mix of strawberries, lime/lime, tequila, and triple sec – whoops!

margmacs_02C O O K I E  R E C I P E  + yellow food colouring

margmacs_03L E M O N – L I M E  G A N A C H E  R E C I P E

**instead of lemon zest use lime zest
**in place of lemon juice, use equal parts of a freshly squeezed lime + lemon mix

for an added margarita kick…
mix together 1Tsp of course sea salt + 1/2Tsp of smoked paprika
sprinkle the mix atop the pipped ganache before sandwiching the shells

margmacs_08margmacs_05margmacs_06Along with a bag of tortillas, I’m bringing this batch of margarita macarons to my friend’s [now officially annual!!!] Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!




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