THE OFF SEASON: 36hrs in paris

PARIS_36With only a couple days to spare, I was determined to make it to Paris one last time before turning 30 [in July].  I don’t know why or how that seed burrowed itself into my brain, but I just needed to do it.  So, to make my pre-bday wish come true, I tacked a little Parisian rendezvous onto the end of London.

PARIS_39After forcing Melody to board a 3-ish hr train at an annoyingly early hour, we were finally in the city of love.  Upon arrival, we headed straight to our hotel [too early for check-in], dropped off our bags, and began our adventure by standing in awe starring at the beautifully tall stained glass windows of  what felt like a giant Faberge egg; Sainte-Chappelle.  From hotel lobby to a rainy day wander to a lazy Sunday, I share with you a photo journal of our 36hrs in Paris.

hotel1[Les Bains hotel in Le Marais]


paris_16paris_14paris_15PARIS_41PARIS_35PARIS_38[Le Grand Colbert]

paris_21paris_20paris_25paris_22[Le Jardin Tuileries]

PARIS_50paris_26paris_33paris_23paris_19paris_24PARIS_34paris_17paris_18PARIS_37louvre_01[Musee du Louvre]


Perhaps I will to wish for Paris before every birthday.



2 responses to “THE OFF SEASON: 36hrs in paris

    • No matter how long or how short my stay in Paris, I always fall in love with the city. It’s definitely one of my faves.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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