this is 30



–weeks 1 to 2: fibreglass cast + crutches | non weight bearing
–weeks 3 to 5: air cast + crutches knee scooter | non weight bearing
-week 6: farewell scooter | weight bearing

-week 7: walking carefully + comfortably in my boot [in public] + without [at home]

invites_16This past weekend, while Canada turned 149, boot or no boot, I turned 30!

With 1 foot laced in an espadrille and the other strapped snuggly in velcro, I spent the last week of my 20’s preparing for my foray into a new decade.  My invites were delivered and, now, all Mike and I had to do was deliver on our promise of seafood.

30_05As per our usual divide and conquer, I focused on the soirée details while Mike focused on the [sea] food.

30_14THE DINING TABLE: more details to come in my next post

30_0330_0430_1230_19THE DESSERT TABLE:

Though I originally planned on baking a cake, Mike was dead set against it.  He said the birthday girl shouldn’t have to bake her own birthday cake.  Birthday’s don’t come around everyday, so any chance I get to bake a cake, I bake a cake.  Reluctantly, I gave up the cake fight and Mike surprised me with a beautiful 2 tiered red velvet creation [made by not me].   With my cake-free time, I suppose I was able to focus more energy fussing over other party details.

30_1730_30In addition to the lovely cake surprise, Shereen gifted me an amazing pineapple made from a bottle of sparkling covered in [my fave] Ferrero Rocher chocolates; I baked meringue seashells [more details to come]; and Mike churned a pint of delicious cream cheese flavoured ice cream.


Valentines Oysters | Evans Bay Oyster Company from B.C.

30_36The only thing better than having a chef for a husband is having a chef husband whose friend is also a chef and whose parents own + opperate an oyster farm.  Thanks for the oysters Kial!

Mike visited the Evans Bay oyster farm last summer and like a tag team, with Kial, both bromanced in animated detail the aquaculture process as they unveiled and shucked the bag of Valentines

30_3130_3330_3430_3830_3730_49.jpg30_3930_40With a buffet of oyster toppings- including fresh horseradish, pickled shallots, and a watermelon + basil salsa- we slurped and sipped away until dinner.

30_4230_47THE DINNER:

sourdough bread and a boil of crab legs, clams, corn, chorizo, and potatoes


I thought I’d be completely nerve struck turning 30, however though nerves were present I had decided that they were ones of excitement; excitement for what’s next to come for Mike and me.  I welcomed my new decade exactly how I wanted, surrounded by food and by some of the most special human beings; all of which have rounded out my 20’s with so much colour and so many memories.


peace out 20’s


***SHOUT OUT to Shereen with, big thanks, for once again letting me use your home and devoting 3hrs of your life steaming my non-wrinkleproof table linens!!! xoxo

**Stay tuned for more details on my table setting + dessert


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