TRAVEL: Amalfi Coast | Ravello

amalfi_01After my marathon of baking, without having a second to rest my feet, I quickly moved on to packing.  In between recipe planning, work trips, and hotel bookings, Mike and I had pieced together an itinerary for a long overdue vacation.  After flip flopping between a short list of destinations, we eventually landed on Italy.  Though we’d been a couple times before, we had yet to see the coast.  As our busy lives dampened the pre-vacation excitement, this trip crept up on us and just like that we were on a flight headed to the Amalfi Coast.

Before we left and while away, I received several requests for lists of places along the coast that we were going to see/saw, places we booked/stayed, and things we were planning to do/did.  So, over my next few blog entires, I have decided to fill my posts with details from our trip; as requested.


amalfi_10After an 8+ hour travel day, we landed in Naples.  Avoiding the 3hr bus ride to Ravello, Mike surprised me with a private car which shortened the commute by 2ish hours; best surprise EVER!

Travel tip: Why waste time + frustration getting lost when you can just book car!

N O T E :  We travelled at the end of September/early October -perfectly timed with the end of tourist season.  Weather-wise, the days were warm and the evenings were cool. It was hot but not blistering yet still beach-able.

amalfi_08ACCOMMODATIONS:  Villa Piedimonte

$$-booked via Expedia
10-15 min up hill walk to city ctr + SITA bus stop [depending if you take the road or the hillside steps]

✓airport shuttle

**AMAZING views!

amalfi-sweetsPerched on a hillside at the foot of the Oscar Neimeyer Auditorium, this hotel had amazing views with comfortably clean and modern rooms.  Upon checking-in we were welcomed with prosecco and a plate of sfogliatella [crisp/flakey pastry filled with lemon] as we took in the ocean and poolside view from our little balcony.  Though our room was a standard size, our bathroom was spacious with both a soaker tub and a separate overhead shower; bonus!

amalfi_04amalfi_05view from our balcony

ravello_06The steps up to the city centre- headed straight for lunch and an afternoon of exploring.

LUNCH: Mimi Pizzeria | delicious pizza + mouthwatering burrata!!! | $

The most affordable meal of our trip!

pizza3Primavera pizza: fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, rucola, prosciutto, parmesan, + extra virgin olive oil [8€]

pizza4ravello_02ravello_01ravello17ravello_03From what I’ve read and, eventually saw firsthand, Ravello is known for its high vantage points over stunning views.  Each direction you turned had a magical Instagram perfect snap awaiting you.

ravello_05ravello_12ravello19ravello_16ravello23AFTERNOON COCKTAILS: Palazzo Avino | Beautiful! | $$$

When researching hotels, Palazzo Avino was definitely on my wish list but sadly not in our budget.  Though we didn’t spend the night we did drop by and splurged on cocktails.

ravello21This hotel is higher up on the hillside and its views were even more spectacular than the ones we had already taken in.  While I sipped on my vodka martini [garnished with a fresh oyster!] and Mike on his Manhattan, we enjoyed the scenery, watched as an entire crew set up for what appeared to be the makings of a dreamy wedding, and were treated to a private concert as the band sound checked and rehearsed right in front of us – well worth the 32€ cocktails!

ravello31ravello25ravellonightDINNER: Ristorante Bella vista sul Mare | yum! | $$

Though a little chilly, Mike and I sat on the balcony and enjoyed our meal- coats on – while looking down at the small coastal towns outlined by lights against the night.  Mike obsessed over his dish as he professed “this is the best gnocchi I’ve ever had” and then proceeded to grill the server about their gnocchi making and I savoured every bite of my Paccheri [large tube pasta originating from Campania] with red prawns and Amalfi lemons [18€]. YUM!!!

NIGHT CAP: Cocktail and Piano Bar @ Belmond Hotel Caruso | the perfect end to travel day 1! | $$

We sipped our cocktails and nibbled on dark chocolate as we sat in a room that looked straight out of a scene from Ingrid Bergman’s Voyage to Italy.  The chandelier that anchored the centre of the room shimmered as beads of light caught its glass.  I sat there starring as the 1-man show on the piano serenaded us with Sinatra.


Lunch @ Mimi Pizzeria
Afternoon cocktails @ Palazzo Avino
Dinner @Ristorante Bella vista sul Mare
Nightcap @ Belmond Hotel Caruso

Museo Del Corallo | located steps away from the Duomo, stop in for hand carved coral cameos

Stay tuned for more Amalfi Coast details!



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