Holiday DIY

tag00With less than 10 days until Christmas, I’m working on unwinding from the hectic hustle of my weekday 9-5’s and marinating in the anticipation of the holidays.  I’ve been devoting my weekends to the mission of enjoying Christmas busying myslef with  wrapping presents and dedicating Christmas cards.  Meanwhile, after last weeks [high stakes] Dallas loss against the NY Giants,  Mike has been busy wishing for a Christmas miracle; a win for the Cowboys [perhaps not too far a stretch as I hear they are doing pretty good this season].

Inspired by a DIY gifted to me on a gift by my aunt a couple Christmases ago, I decided to spruce up my gift wrapping with personalized gift tags.  These tags are pretty easy to make [but can be as intricate as you decide to make them] and can double as personalized ornaments if you so choose to hang then from your tree.

Y O U  W I L L  N E E D  :

  • wooden gift tags  [I found these ones from Michaels]
  • colour printouts cropped/scaled to the size of the tags  | printed on regular white paper with a normal colour printer
  • Mod Podge | Michaels
  • a sponge of cloth
  • paint suitable for wooden surfaces
  • paint brushes
  • a sponge head brush to apply the Mod Podge
  • water
  • ribbon/twine

tag03tag06Paint your tags with desired colours/patterns | let dry 
cut out printed images  | if there are words on the pics, be sure to print mirror image

tag05tag08on a protected surface, layer on the Mod Podge to the surface of the image
with the Podge side down, adhere the image to the wooden tag
with your finger smooth out bubbles/surfaces 

wait 24 hours to set  [waiting was the worst part!]

tag04when set, with a damp sponge or cloth, wet the back side of the image
with your finger or sponge, begin to rub off the paper to reveal the image | taking care not to rub too much as you may be removing the image

I painted the back side of my tags white so that I could directly write onto them
On the back, instead of a greeting, I opted for Christmas movie quotes
With ribbon or twine, you are now ready to tie these personalized tags on to your gifts!

tag10This project was the the perfect, quick, early afternoon DIY.  Throw on some holiday records, sip on some Christmas spiked coffee, and paint!  You’ll be done [up until the 24hr setting period] with time to spare for shopping.
Happy Gifting!



p.s. Dallas won



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