Though the last Gilmore Girls episode aired 9 years ago, to Mike’s dismay, the series has remained a regular presence in our condo .  Since Netflix removed my other fave GG [Gossip Girl] from circulation, Rory and Lorelai have become my background noise of choice.

I have decided to take a break from Amalfi and switch gears to an equally important escape.  As you know (or should know), a couple weeks ago, Netflix released, A Year in the Life; 4 [new] x 1.5hr episodes of the Gilmore Girls.  Along with my equally Gilmore Girl obsessed friend, Shereen, we celebrated this highly anticipated series release by hosting a screening party in proper Gilmore fashion.  During the weekends leading up the party, as Mike fully immersed himself in football, I and immersed myself in party planning details.

W A R N I N G |  Full on geeking out about to begin!


gilmoreTo launch our full out Gilmore extravaganza, we set the tone with quick text invites designed from current promo pics and instructed our guests to dress in GG inspired looks and to come with their fave 10min series clip [a shorter homage than re-watching full episodes].

gg_01And now onto the food….

dessert_02When it came to food, the Gilmore Girls were creatures of random habit; eating everything and anything that either came from a diner, was deliverable, was at one point frozen, could be microwaved, and yet gourmet [thanks to Friday night dinners and Sookie].  However, amidst the eclectic mix of gluttony, Lorelai and Rory had 1 constant go-to; coffee.  Drawing from all the possibilities Shereen and I came up with, what we thought to be, the perfect Gilmore spread.

gg_03gg_07gg_05With a nod to Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe, we set up a movie-viewing snack buffet and filled it with candies, chocolates, red vines, and bottles of pop.

gg_06gg_11The dinner menu was a complete mishmash that was meticulously strung together by details that true Gilmore Girl fan would appreciate.


  • Pop Tarts | Rory’s on-the-go breakfast food of choice
  • cheeseburger sliders | in honour of Luke and his diner
  • Twinkies | Rory’s fave dessert
  • mushroom puffs + crab puffs | appetizers that have made appearances at many an Emily thrown party
  • sushi | when Lorelai surprised Rory with all things Japan
  • gyozas + fortune cookies | likely both served @ Al’s Pancake World
  • caprese skewers | the tomatoes are a nod to Jackson and his produce
  • pizza bagel bites + jalapeño poppers | checking off the pizza + frozen food boxes

gg_26gg_13gg_10D R I N K S

  • fresh berry + prosecco punch | our version of Founders’ Day Punch
    • and of course, we drank them appropriately out of coffee mugs [each personalized with a notable Gilmore quote
  • gin martinis | for Richard Gilmore

gg_23gg_25After dinner, with my Harvard shirt and UGG boots on, we anxiously piled onto the couch and started episode 1.

Welcome Back Gilmores!




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