TRAVEL: Napoli

Naples_03After flip flopping on itinerary, we decided that all we needed was 1 day in Naples.  From what I had read, Naples didn’t excite me [compared to other destinations]  and it didn’t appear all that safe.  I was hesitant to spend any time in the city at all but, it was un avoidable as our flights in and out of Italy were via Naples International Airport.  As 2 gluttons at heart, I suppose a trip to the south of Italy would appear incomplete if we didn’t make the pilgrimage; Naples is, after all, the root of Neapolitan Cuisine and of course [though argued by some] the birthplace of our beloved pizza!

Although our lives weren’t played in a cinematic Rossellini black and white, we did as Ingrid Bergman did [In Journey to Italy] and, aside from the cab drivers who continued to swindle us for money, we sought adventures in [+ around] Naples.  The following snaps capture some of the highlights from our 24hrs in Napoli.


Naples_21First stop, Pompeii and the ruins of, a once thriving, ancient Roman civilization. For a couple hours, under the italian sun, Mike and I were transported back in time and toured the crumbled stone shells that remain of the tiny houses, the baths, and the larger than life sculptures.  Though surrounded by ruins, the innovation that resonated through the standing structures and little details of everyday city life was amazing to see.


N A P L E S  C A T H E D R A L

Naples_20As we continued our “there’s a Duomo, why not?!” attitude around Italy, we knew we had to stop by the cathedral for one last Duomo visit.


L A  P I G N A S E C C A  M A R K E T

Naples_34As all our explorations typically end, we rounded out our trip with a hunt for food.  From the Duomo, Mike and I hopped into another swindling cab and spent the evening walking around the Pignasecca Market before we sat down to our last Italian meal.


P I Z Z E R I A  D A  A T T I L I O

naples foodWithout our usual list of restaurants to accompany our hunt, we took blindly to the market and stopped for food when we were hungry.  Serendipitously, our stomachs led us to the perfect family restaurant [around since 1938] and the perfect meal to end our trip.   We walked in and were greeted by an older man [I assumed the father/owner] and a large wood burning oven manned by one of the sons.  We were seated in a front of a gallery wall of 3 large baby portraits [I assumed the sons] and then proceeded to study the menu as a woman [I assumed the big boss + mother] walked around with a little white dog following her.  We cin cin-ed our vino to the end of a great trip over prosciutto + buffalo mozzarella, pizza, and pasta.


That’s officially a wrap on Italy.  Until next time!




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