A Party Favour


One of the reasons Mike and I decided ‘yes’ on the baby shower was because, amongst the party decor, I had a box filled with favours.  We couldn’t let 30+ personalized and individually boxed white linen scented candles go to waste.


When I was deciding on party favours, I’m pretty certain I was coming off of a scented candle free trimester.  Everything scented made me nauseas.  At one point, I dropped off a large 3-wick candle at friends as I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with it.  To make up for lost time, I decided on fresh scented candles as our shower favours.  I was   inspired by Voluspa candles but motivated to create a more affordable version; so I did just that.  Our personalized candles turned out so cute and I’m excited to share this easy DIY.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.03.40 PM

The hardest part of this candle DIY was sourcing the most cost effective components and recruiting a friend who is capable of operating a design program.  Once all sourced, assembly was easy!



  • white linen scented candles | 2″x2.75″ | Yummi Candles | box of 24 for $40
  • black and white ribbon | 7/8″ wide | Creative Bag | 25yd roll for $8.99
  • turquoise ribbon | 7/8″ wide | Michael’s | $6.99
  • gold dot tissue paper sheets | 20″x30″ sheet | Creative Bag | $0.99 for 3 sheets
  • white cardboard gift boxes | 3″x3″x3″ | Creative Bag | $0.50ea
  • personalized round vinyl stickers [image designed by a friend] | 2″ | Sticker You | 100 for $60.40 [w/ shipping]
  • double sided tape | $3.99


  1. adhere a sticker to each candle
  2. cut tissue paper into 6 even pieces + assemble boxes
  3. cut ribbon into approx. 12″ lengths
  4. loosely crunch tissue paper into box and place candle snuggly into the middle
  5. starting at the top, wrap turquoise ribbon around the box adhering with double sided tape to secure both ends


6. starting at the front side of the box,  wrap the striped ribbon around the box ensuring to hide the seam of the turquoise ribbon [@ top of box] securing with double sided tape
7. adhere another sticker to the centre-front of the box ensuring to hide the seam of the striped ribbon


T H E  G R A N D  T O T A L

  • Boxed Voluspa scented candle $12ea [3oz]
  • My DIY boxed scented candle approx. $4.50ea
  • Savings = approx $9.06 [aft. taxes]


Come party day, the stacked boxes of candles made for added shower decor that helped to carry through our colour theme.  I love how these boxes turned out.  They were the perfect added touch and were perfectly on budget!





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