Meringues 2.0


Making meringues or, as I like to call them, the halfway macarons [as they are step 1 in the process] may be twice the bake time compared to a macaron but they are half the actual prep/make time.  So, when the fam was invited to a potluck, I volunteered to bring desserts and though I would usually whip up a batch of macarons to take with, starved for time, I went halfway and made meringues.  I’m assuming everyone loved them as they were all gone by the time we packed up our crying baby and headed home.

Using the same recipe and piping tip as I did for Atlas’ party, these meringue cookies may just turn into my go-to treat taking the place of macarons until I can get time back on my side.  I know I’ve previoulsy shared the recipe but, just wanted to share this quick little post to show how I easily took these cookies to the next level.


This go around, I decided to add a little extra step to my meringue cookies; a healthy nod if you will [LOL].  There’s not much you can do to add any nutritional value to straight up sugar but I joke and referred to these as my “healthier” meringues.

M E R I N G U E  recipe

T H E  2 . 0  A D D I T I O N

1-ish cups of dark chocolate chips -a.k.a. antioxidants
1-ish cups of Coconut Clusters with organic super seeds[or any other nut/coconut/seed mix] -a.k.a. all the super foods

loosely crush coconut clusters to smaller pieces and place in a bowl
melt choco chips in a microwave safe bowl that’s wide enough to dip the cookies into for 20sec microwave bursts
dip 1 side for the meringue cookie into the melted chocolate then lightly dip in to nut mix
let sit on parchment to dry



A quick post to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you that super food boost all at the same time [LOL].




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