brunch, birkins, bras, and biscuits


games: seattle vs indianapolis
denver vs dallas
new england vs cincinnati
san diego vs oakland
escape: brunch + design exchange | hermés + lingerie français
on the menu:  fried chicken + biscuits + greens

Mike was up at 8:30, NFL Sunday Morning was on, and Football Sunday was back in full swing.  Naturally, I shut the crack in the bedroom door, reduced the TV to a muffle, rolled over and snoozed until 9.  I was out the door by 11 and all was right in the Football Sunday world.

FBS_05_Brunch_01I made my way to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, home of the fluffiest blueberry buttermilk pancakes I have EVER eaten, for brunch with some friends.  The line up was out the door and the wait was 1hr long.   It’s moments like this when I can’t help but think of the Portlandia season 2 Brunch Village season finale; hilariously accurate to true life brunch-ing events [if you don’t know what I’m talking about add watching it onto your list of things to do]. There was no turning back, we put our name on the list and headed to West Elm to kill time; the things we do in the name of brunch.

Four ikat printed bowls and 2 owl espresso mugs later, our name was up.  Though I was originally dead set on having a blueberry pancake repeat, I made a clutch decision and ordered Veda’s Choice – poached egg + croissant + rosemary bacon + Bearnaise sauce.   However, the pancakes still made an appearance as Maddy and Kayla split them along with an order of the Huevos Monty – black beans + cheddar + eggs + tortilla.  Worth the wait!

Next was a rendez-vous with Hermès.  It was the last day of The Festival des Métiers exhibition at the Design Exchange.  Free + last day+ rain = crowds.  With the crowds, we weren’t able to get up close around the craftsmen as they demo’d the making of Hermés’ signature items [bags, gloves, saddles, scarves, plates , clothing…]. However, as I wandered through the hall I did get to see and touch the beautiful silk scarves, the buttery leathers, the hand of the delicately stitched garments, and [most importantly] a Kelly bag.  These coveted Hermés items may come with a hefty price tag, but behind that price tag are amazing fabrics/materials, old-world manufacturing techniques, and the carefully skilled handwork of talented craftsmen.  I’m sold, the second I come into a cool $30K you better believe I’m putting my name on the Birkin bag wait list; perhaps something in ostrich.Hermes_02FBS_hermes_04Hermes_11Hermes_08hermes_14FBS_hermes_01FBS_hermes_03

We continued to ride the free train to the 3rd floor where a new exhibition had just opened; Lingerie Français.  The exhibit showcased the transformation of womens’ lingerie from corset to bloomers to girdle to thong.  Perhaps the greatest part of the day was following behind 2 older women as they pushed their walkers through the exhibit examining the garments and giggling as they reminisced and relived their passed lives in lingerie.  This showcase was a great reminder that our now mass produced bras and panties, that we often pay no mind to, stemmed from a rich history of couture and tradition.  Lingerie reflected changes in culture and fashion and it echoed major events in history.  Who needs a textbook when you have a bra?!bra_06bra_02FBS_bra_01bra_03

I came home with bras on the brain, which was appropriate as it was the kick off of Breast Cancer Awareness in the NFL world.  I love seeing large men get rough and tough in pink.

On tonight’s menu was fried chicken and biscuits.  I arrived just in time to see it all come together.  The guys bought some mighty plump free range chicken from a butcher in Kensington market.  The instructions they followed came from issue 4 of the Lucky Peach; butcher, soak, dredge, fry, eat.  They set out on a mission to deliver amazing friend chicken, at least that’s what I was promised before I left the condo,  and they delivered!  With the addition of Kial’s apricot chutney glaze, it was salty sweet fried heaven served with veg and a biscuit.  Similar to the Dallas-Denver game, it has high scores all around with the only difference being the guys delivered…Dallas didn’t [51-48 Denver].FBS_chicken_01 FBS_chicken_02chicken_02 

-until next Sunday!

*football pic from the


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