operation: porchetta

oct27games: dallas vs detroit
cleveland vs kansas city
new york vs new philadelphia
pittsburgh vs oakland
escape: brunch + david bowie is + the gladstone hotel [arts + crafts market]
on the menu:  porchetta sandwich

In my mind, my Sunday was planned.  I was to meet Kat at Union [the restaurant not the station], brunch, then head to the AGO to get a 2nd look at the ‘Bowie Is’ exhibit.  We both already saw it during the Members’ Preview but wanted re-live it with a more thorough eye.  Though I am not as big a fan as Kat, as she’s the BIGGEST, I am in awe of his creative genius: a musician, a writer, an actor, married to Iman, reinvented through fashion, inventor of a word machine, once a mime, born on the same day as Mike, unitard chic…just to name a few.  However, upon learning that all viewing times were full, we were left to face a Sunday without the serenade of Space Oddity and where the only Major Tom was Brady.


When at Union, I often order the tar tar for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  This time was no different; brunch tar tar please.  Meat!  Post meal, we set out to fill the Bowie void with vintage shopping and then ended up at The Gladstone Hotel to check out the arts and crafts market.

This was my first time wandering the floors of The Gladstone Hotel.  The market spread over 2 floors and showcased a range of handmade arts/crafts from jewellery to plate wear to dolls.  Beyond the market, we continued to explore the local art showcased on The Gladstone’s walls.

artshow_02artshow_collagegladstone_06The Gladstone is one of the oldest operating hotels in Toronto.  Originally built in 1889, this victorian hotel underwent several changes in management and experienced a deterioration over the years.  Since, the hotel has seen an urban renewal and has been transformed from a sketchy dive to an internationally recognized boutique art hotel.  The Gladstone currently houses 37 unique artist designed suites along with a restaurant and bar while continuing to operate with a community centric mission.
gladstone wallgladstone_walls_02gladstoneart[watercolour + spray paint on cold press]

Mike took on quite the Football Sunday undertaking this week; he decided to make porchetta sandwiches.  Dressed in his Sunday Dallas Cowboys uniform, he wrapped a slab of pork shoulder [that had been marinated overnight in olive oil + garlic + sage + thyme + rosemary + apple] in bacon than wrapped that in prosciutto then wrapped that in cured pork belly then cooked it in the oven for 4hrs.marinate_02prep_01butcher_02

To sandwich this meat on meat on meat, Mike changed out of his Dallas and into his Winnipeg Jets jersey, and made large and in charge ciabatta buns from scratch.  Once baked, he layered on the porchetta with sautéed kale, bacon, and a home made truffle mayo. The sandwich was the size of my head and though I only ate 1/2 I could really only eat a 1/4 of it comfortably.

I never asked Mike for the reason behind his Dallas quick change, but I’m chalking it up to their habitual 1-point loss in the 4th; loosing strong in the 4th since 2010!


-see you next Sunday!

football pic from http://cowboysblog.dallasnews.com


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