the off season: oysterly obsession


I have been obsessed with seafood [+ food in general] for as long as I can remember.  It may be associated with my astrological sign [I’m a Cancer…the crab] or it may be attributed to my inability to say no to eating anything and everything as a child.  Growing up, I was not a picky eater and was exposed to a variety of foods; from McDonald Happy Meals to sashimi to chicken feet.  If you put it in front of me I would give it a fair palate-able chance before writing it off.  My foodie tendancies developed early in life; I blame my mom [+ and my grandma + my aunt].  If it’s written in the stars, who am I to fight it.

Much to Mike’s dismay, oysters have quickly made it onto our grocery list; fruit, vegetables, chocolate milk… oysters.   More often than not, when we pop into Loblaws, I will make a B-line for the seafood counter [or the oyster bar depending on which location we go to] as he’s picking out legumes.  I just can’t resist.


These mollusks have made several cameos on this blog.  So I decided I would share with you my fave oyster accoutrements.

1. straight up – all natural [to be read a la Matthey McConaughey..alright alright]

2. a squeeze of fresh lemon + a dash of Tabasco

3. fresh shaved horseradish


4. a mignonette sauce

Here’s my version of a mignonette sauce.  I usually whip one together without much measuring so I’m sure that my ratios and measurements aren’t likely what you’ll find on a legit recipe but it does the trick.

-1 tbsp of finely minced shallot
-3 tbsps of vinegar | regular white or red wine
-3 tbsps of a sweet sparkling wine or champagne

combine + stir + spoon onto an oyster + enjoy

-happy slurping!


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