the off season: avocado addiction


Seeing as tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, I figured a post about something wonderfully green would be appropriate.   The avocado is one of my favourite fruits.  Besides it’s long list of health benefits, it’s perfect shade of green just screams summer time fresh.   And with the current never ending winter we here in Toronto [and pretty much all of Canada] are experiencing, a hint of summer goes a long way.

I love the avocado savoury and sweet, but up until recently, I have only been using this berry in the former and not so much the latter.  With my usual 5 pack avocado buy at the grocery store, I am often left hustling to find other ways to use it up before it goes brown.   Here are 2 sweet recipes that I’ve added to my avo repertoire.

…a quick morning shake…
[perfect for sipping on your work commute]



scoop out the avocado half into the blender combine with almond milk + yogurt + ice and blend
use honey as your sweetener and add to taste

…avocado cookies…

[The base of this cookie recipe was taken from the book Absolutely Avocados by Gaby Dalkin/  In my version, I added quinoa flakes instead of old fashion oats, cut the choco chip amount, and added almonds]


cube butter [ensure that it’s @ room temp.]
in a mixing bowl, scoop out the avocado flesh and add butter + brown sugar | cream until fluffy
add eggs [1 @ a time] + vanilla | mix until well combined


add flour + baking soda + salt + baking powder | mix slowly with a spatula
add chocolate chips + quinoa flakes | be careful not to over mix 


place the dough in the fridge | chill for about one hour
pre-heat oven to 325°
line baking sheet with parchment or a silpat

once chilled, scoop spoonfuls evenly spaced onto a baking sheet | gently press mound down with your hand
bake for 18minutes until golden brown
remove from sheet and let cool | repeat with remaining dough




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