the off season: spud life

spud life

As I’m surrounded by a hustle of sporting events this weekend [TFC home opener {with new recruit Jermain Defoe} vs D.C. United + Raptors @ home vs ATL Hawks + Leafs @ home vs Habs + NCAA March Madness] and am paralyzed from soreness/stiffness from a work out filled with squats, my escape was stationary.  I sifted through my posts and decided I would share the recipe to a dish that I’ve often mentioned but never elaborated on; gnocchi.

Potato po-tah-toe, no matter how you say it, this vegetable is the source of much joy in my life.  When given the choice between fries/hash-browns or salad, 96% of the time I will opt for the spud.  From it’s humble beginnings in southern Peru to it’s continued presence in my kitchen, this root delivers the utmost comforting satisfaction.  Jay [a little boy in thick framed glasses and overalls sitting at his kitchen table squeezing ketchup on to each crinkle cut fry individually as he ate them in silence] from the McCain Superfry commercial in the late 80’s, knew where it was at.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Canadian classic TV moment…You Tube it.  Though I may have been a wee [tater] tot during that time, Jay and his silent french fry joy will always stick with me; pleasure found in the simple spud.


Though I enjoy potatoes mashed, fried, stuffed, and baked, lately Mike and I have been eating them in gnocchi form.  You may recall these potato pillows mentioned in these past posts: meat and potatoes + put a bird on it + snow day.  For those of you wanting a change up in your spud game, here’s the recipe.

1 3/4 lbs russet potatoes
2 lrg eggs
1 c flour
a pinch of nutmeg
loads of salt [about 2cups]
oven pre-heated to 350˚


place potatoes on a baking sheet + cover with salt | bake until tender


peel/scoop potatoes from skin + rice potatoes 

spud_03 spud_06

weigh out 1 1/4 lbs of riced potatoes
mix in eggs + flour + nutmeg + season with salt
knead resulting dough until all ingredients are combined
DO NOT OVERWORK MIXTURE [over mixing will result in tough dough]


1. section dough into quarters and roll out each into long skinny tubes [nickel sized circumference]
2. cut tube into roughly 1/2″ sections
3. toss in flour
4. boil water in a pot then add gnocchi and cook until the pieces float to the surface

The serving options for gnocchi are endless.  You can pan fry them with olive oil and garlic, serve them with your go to tomato sauce, or mix them in with your fave vegetables.


This time ’round Mike served his gnocchi with a braised beef shank mixed with caramelized garlic/onions + brussel sprouts + tomato topped with parmesan cheese and served a top a parsnip puree.


Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

-long live the spud


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