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Winter took it’s time, but it has finally arrived.   Though we are snowless here in Toronto, the wind’s chilly bite is reminder enough that this season is in full swing.  As a migrated Winnipegger, I pride myself on being born and raised in the city of snow piles the height of your garage, -40ºC weather, + winter tires.  In theory, Toronto winters shouldn’t  phase me, however, cold is cold and it is cold.

I am not a winter hater, but when the holidays are over and the romance of snow related movie moments fade, the remaining days of the season can feel like one monotonous run-on sentence.  Though I try to get out of the condo as often as possible, I can’t help but talk myself out of plans and stay in.  I’m perfectly content making plans to have no plans seeking refuge in and surrounding myself with all things cozy.  With football season drawing to an end, I can soon stay in without the background noise of sport commentators and referee whistles.  So, on the eve of Pro Bowl Sunday, I’ve decided to share with you my list of things that are helping me make it to spring.

…Oh Canada! Loose Tea | David’s Tea

cozy_teaMike and I are coffee drinkers by day but strict loose tea sippers by night.  Lately we have been indulging in cups of Oh Canada!; a red rooibos tea sweetened with maple syrup with yummy flavours of toffee and caramel.  It’s liquid desert in a cup!

…Casual Weekend Pant | Club Monaco


I picked a pair of these up right before the cold spike hit and since, they have been my weekend go-to’s.  I love their marled knit and their tapered silhouette.  I’m usually not one for sweats outside of physical activity but I’ve given in for these; comfy + warm + casually appropriate!

…Bedroom to Living Room Throw | Parachute

cozy_blanket Characteristically, I am a homebody during the winter months which may explain why I obsess about my surroundings.  I spend hours obsessing about + shopping for each item I place in our home.  I have happily spent many a Football Sundays decor hunting. In this instance, I am on the hunt for the perfect throw.  Aside from my go-to sweats, I tend to walk around the condo with a blanket draped over my shoulders like André Leon Tally in one of his chic capes.  My ideal throw is soft, warm and will not look out of place if it’s left on the foot of the bed or casually littered on the living room chaise.  I’m thinking the grey or ivory stripped cashmere throw pictured above, from Parachute, is exactly what I’m looking for; luxuriously cozy!

…Scented Candles

candles My candle collection has been growing over the years.  I’ve only recently started burning them and am now obsessed.  They fill the room with flowery + fruity scents and add that much more warmth to my life;  I’ll take all the heat I can get.  The newest addition to my wick team is the hand poured gold pineapple pictured above [thanks Shereen!].  It’s beautifully gold + whimsical + smells like summer.

…Fresh Flowers

flowersFlowers are a must for me year round, but I appreciate them much more in the colder seasons.  Pretty flowers always add to the pro column of my “to stay in or not to stay in” decision making.  In the winter, I like placing them in rooms I frequent the most and along my window sill as a reminder of spring.  There’s nothing more poetic than the juxtaposition of fresh flowers against a winter white window background.

…Travel Plans

cozy_tripIt’s official, Mike and I are going on a trip!  We are headed to the UK at the end of February.  The plans are still in motion but our departure date is circled in red on my calendar.  What a better way to make time fly than by having something to look forward to.  It’s not a hot sunny sunny destination but it is still a welcomed adventure rain or shine [and I’ve been told that there will likely be a lot of rain].  I shall be spending the remaining days of January and the entire month of February in my sweats, surrounded by candles and wrapped in a blanket while sipping tea and planning trip details.

…Hearty Comfort Food

cozy_04The last, but never the least, on my list of cozy musts is of course food.  As a lover of eating, I can confidently say that food can get me through anything.

Like any chef, Mike’s dinners change with the season.  For the winter months, his menu seasonality is anchored by slow cooked meats + rich flavours + hearty ingredients.  One of my favourites is his gnocchi; a great alternative to pasta [another one of my loves] and is the perfect canvas for adding all sorts of flavours and ingredients.

cozy_01 This Sunday, Mike made a gnocchi with braised short rib in a tomato jus; no measurements or recipes – a dish on the fly.   Each of the main ingredients he incorporated are what I consider warm and comforting.

cozy_02   cozy_coverIn the mix was Beemster cheese [deliciously nutty] + crispy kale + toasted walnuts + a pickled chantrelle mushroom mix.



gnocchi_01gnocchi_03For Mike’s rustic gnocchi recipe click –>here<–

Once you get the gnocchi recipe down you can fearlessly add whatever you’re craving to the mix and deliver the perfect dish to warm the palette during the cold winter days.

Like Football Sundays, Canadian winters should not surprise anyone.  It happens each year; it’s here; it’s long but it’s manageable if done right.

Wishing you all a cozy winter and a happy Pro Bowl,


pineapple candle | Antrhopologie
blue vase | antique piece
hand painted globe | Etsy


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