THE OFF SEASON: on 2 legs

2feetTurns out, this is how I’ll be spending the remainder of my Off Season; crutching around Toronto with my new boot aka the ‘it’ accessory of the summer.

Excited to be playing volleyball again after 4ish years, I jumped in full swing.  Apparently with so much swing that I ruptured my achilles tendon 15 mins into my 2nd game.  Now, as I start my long road to recovery, I’m sitting on the couch with my casted leg elevated typing up this blog post trying to avoid cabin fever.  By default of temporary immobility,  I’ve decided to string together and share the remaining shots from my London wandering; from a time on 2 legs.

london_liberty_07L I B E R T Y

london_liberty_03london_liberty_01SOHO_18misan_01M I S A N  F A B R I C S

SOHO_05SOHO_07 K A N A D A – Y A  | authentic Tonkotsu ramen in Covent Garden

SOHO_04F O R T N U M  &  M A S O N  |  from which I purchased the most delicious tin of these pistachio + clotted cream biscuits

SOHO_10NOPIN O P I  |  an amazing dinner!  [roasted aubergine, tamarind yoghurt, pickled lemon, & pistachio + cecina smoked beef, piquillo peppers, & crispy garlic]

SOHO_15T R I S H A S  B A R  |  Soho

SOHO_03 D O V E R  S T R E E T  M A R K E T


SOHO_17H E R M E S  window


wandering around  S H O R E D I T C H . . .


SOHO_02sd_04SD_02P I Z Z A  E A S T



I’m taking it easy for my first few casted weeks and hope to be in a walking cast sooner than later.  I’m sure I’ll eventually adjust to the my crutches, but until then I’m sucking up the armpit and wrist pain.




2 responses to “THE OFF SEASON: on 2 legs

  1. Sorry about your leg!! Thank you for the gorgeous shots of London. Pity I missed those biscuits from F&M, I got the lemon and ginger ones ☺

    • London is such a great city; so much to do + so much to see. My only regret was not buying another tin of those pistachio biscuits. I could’ve spend all day at F&M. I’ll have to try the lemon ginger ones the next time in.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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