THE OFF SEASON: cast + crutches + garlic

crutchlife_02I had been cooped up all week, working from my couch, with a perfect window view of the outdoors.  I was close enough to see it but too far to feel it.  The weather looked as though it was getting nicer as the weekend neared; blue skies + sun + a light breeze [as per the swaying of our courtyard trees]. This weekend was the 1st long weekend of the summer season and I was determined, cast or no cast, to get out and enjoy the weather; to feel the sun on my face and breathe in some fresh ‘non condo’ air.  With a crutch under each pit and my patient husband by my side, we headed out.

crutchlife_07We started small and planned an outting close to home + easily commutable by car.  I convinced Mike to take me the Ikea pop-up shop on King West and then out for lunch. After perusing the carefully coordinated Ikea displays, we headed to Kensington Market for groceries and lunch.

crutchlife_05As we walked, we took several armpit-crutch adjusting stops and frequent ‘catch my breath’ breaks.  Besides, not actually having lunch [as the restaurant we stopped in at was apparently in between lunch and dinner and, therefore, wasn’t serving anything except for beer and wine until 6pm], it was a nice little Saturday afternoon outting.

crutchlife_04On Sunday, Mike planned a picnic along the waterfront and I was extremely excited as sitting + eating were both activities that I could manage.  In my mind, the patch of grass we were to picnic on was extremely close -I would often run by it at the start of my 5k’s along the water.  However, not this time.  The trek to the park was perhaps one of the longest 800m commutes of my life.  Head down with sweat dripping down my back I made it!  Less than 2secs after that blanket hit the grass you better believe I flopped down, exhausted, trying to regain my breath.

crutchlife_08crutchlife_03Once the sweat dried and the meats + cheeses + and 3 mustards were plated, I  pushed aside the thoughts of having to reverse the commute back home, sat + relaxed and decided it was all worth it for the sunshine and cheese.


O L I V E  O I L  R O A S T E D  G A R L I C

garlic_01I’m certain I’ve shard this recipe before [but more of an aside vs a feature], however, in honour of our picnic, I’ve decided to share the newest component that appears to be frequenting our charcuterie spreads as of late.  It’s easy to make and absolutely heavenly when spread onto a crustini.


you will need…

  • a couple whole bulbs of garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt + pepper
  • optional: smoked paprika
  • a sharp knife
  • oven heated to 300ºF
  • tin foil
  • baking sheet

garlic_03cut the tops off the garlic bulbs ensuring that each clove is exposed
generously drizzle on olive oil
season with salt + pepper  [+ smoked paprika]
wrap each bulb in foil
place onto a baking sheet and pop into the 300ºF oven
bake for 1.5hrs

garlic_04remove foil just before serving
serve with your next charcuterie board and enjoy!


As I sit here with sore wrists, back pain, and a potential armpit/back friction rash, I can honestly say that this was the hardest I’ve ever worked for my meat + cheese.


Hope you all had a good long weekend!



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