an update + getting around

scooter_07P R O G R E S S  R E P O R T

c o m p l e t e d
– weeks 1 to 2: fibreglass cast + crutches | non weight bearing = commuting via Mike + Uber

c u r r e n t l – w e e k s  3 to 6: air cast + crutches knee scooter | non weight bearing = commuting via Mike + Uber + streetcar/subway [note: with my scooter I can only board the new ramp equipped streetcars and end up waiting at the stop watching several of the old ones pass before I can finally board]

scooter_05It has been an eventful 2 weeks – a conclusion that I likely wouldn’t have drawn pre injury but my standards have since changed.  The weeks started with a visit from Winnipeg, carried into a 4 year wedding anniversary, and ended with a music festival.

Before my achilles decided to detach itself from my calf, my parents booked a trip out to Toronto.  Though I was a concerned for my limited ability to tour guide, I was excited to be fussed over and served up my fave Filipino comfort foods.

scooter_01Since I now landmark my time in periods of leg progress, my parents’ visit came during my last week of a fibreglass cast and right before its removal.  As a 1st time cast wearer, the removal was a pretty terrifying experience.  Though I knew my leg wouldn’t end up a victim of the hand held circular saw, the fear of my calf being hacked off was a real momentary concern.

As I sat there with both shins exposed to the Fracture Clinic air waiting [forever] for the doctor to give me a once over and a technician to give me my boot, I snuck a peak at my medical file.  I can now precisely say that in addition to my possible armpit rash and  wrist pains from crutches, I suffered a proximal myotendinuos  junction tear.  Also while waiting, I decided I had suffered enough with crutches and, from my phone, ordered a knee scooter to get me through my last 4 non-weight bearing weeks.

scooter_03[my new summer accessory #sotd!]

scooter_08I did a pretty good job getting around with crutches but am excited for my new mode of transport.  Though still adjusting to the stares/double takes and speed/surface capabilities of my scooter, I’m sure I’ll develop a knee annoyance of some sort.  However, I’d rather that than my wrists or armpits.

scooter_09[my 1st all terrain outting to the park was a little unnerving but successful]

AnniversaryThe following weekend, Mike and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  In our usual style, we celebrate with champagne + meat + cheese + oysters [just for me] + a delicious dinner.

scooter_15scooter_11scooter_12We dined at George; the restaurant Mike apprenticed at while in culinary school and during our first summer in Toronto.  It was lovely blast from our past.

scooter_14scooter_19Also purchased before my achilles decided to separate itself from my calf, was a Sunday day pass to Field Trip; a music festival held on the historic Fort York grounds [a stone’s throw from my condo].

scooter_17From the comforts of the accessibility box aka the best seats in the house, I got to scoot my way to a prime viewing zone to enjoy Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires and Robyn.  I suppose one of the brighter sides to this clunky boot.


Doing my best to get out and enjoy the summer.

If you need me, I’ll be scooting!




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