TRAVEL: Amalfi Coast | Positano

positano_05 I didn’t realize that, while away, I snapped a million pics [or maybe I did-Mike for sure did].  Editing has been quite the undertaking and has resulted in this never ending yet slowly appearing blog series.  However, I am happy to re-live our memories and to do so while football season flies by me; CFL inclusive – I didn’t realize it was the Grey Cup this past weekend until I was bombarded by football fans on the streetcar.



We took in one last view from Ravello at breakfast, checked out of our hotel, and wheeled our luggage uphill to the SITA bus stop headed to the Amalfi ferry port ultimately bound for Positano.

positano_04positano4[ON THE FERRY FR AMALFI TO POSITANO]

positano2I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Positano.  Though I thought it beautiful and was overwhelmed by the amazing colourful mountain-side buildings that appeared to engulf us as we neared it from the ferry, I didn’t love it as much as I anticipated.  This opinion may be largely in part due to the unfortunate weather during the majority of our 2 day stay –> 1/2 day of sun + spitting rain + torrential downpour.


Of the 3 towns we stayed in, Positano was the most expensive for accommodations [note: this may be as we stayed over the weekend].  The hotel selection was older and pricier than both Ravello + Capri.


ACCOMMODATIONS:  Hotel Conca D’oro 

$$$-booked via Expedia
15 min down hill walk to city centre

✓room with a view

positano_hotel1Deceptively located on a map less than 0.5km from city centre, arriving at this hilltop hotel required an upward winding walk followed by a 100+ step climb to its front door; it was a good workout and I didn’t mind it.  Needless to say, definitely pay the 10€ to have your luggage taken up [and down] by the men in uniform golf shirts who greet you at the foot of the port.  Though our room was small and our bed was hard, this hotel was filled with amazing [Instagram-able] coastal character; I got my patterned floors + ceramic tiles!  We likely could have saved on the hotel but I sprung for a room with a view.  I figured, if I’m going to make that 100+ stair climb to my bed each day, I better be rewarded with a view.

concadoro_02hotel-view[OUR VIEW]


positano_explore3positano_explore2positano-umbrellasDAY 1 | By the time we settled in and left the hotel to wander, the sun was on its way down, the wind was cooler, and rain was sporadically spitting.  The beaching was over and the buzz along the coast from earlier in the morning had simmered.   We spent the late afternoon exploring + shopping the little shops.    

positano_10positano_explore1positano_11Amongst the items on my Amalfi Coast shopping list were handmade sandals and loafers; both of which I successfully checked off!

positano_12[NANA POSITANO | as recommended by a couple blogs I stumbled upon while planning – With a selection of already made or customizable sandals, all footwear is assembled on site by a husband and wife duo.]

positano_13[TRE DANARI | as recommended by Conde Nast Traveler – As we were travelling at the end of tourist season, the size and colour selection in their handmade loafers were limited. However, I was still able to find a colour I loved.]


DINNER: Chez Black | $$

With a full house, Chez Black, appeared to be the dinner hotspot.  Located right by the sea, it came as no surprise that it’s menu was filled with seafood options; my fave!  I started my meal with an appetizer of mixed steamed clams + mussels.  Some bites were a little sandy but that didn’t stop my seafood craving appetite.  For my main, I ordered a langoustine pasta while Mike chose spaghetti + meatballs.  Heads up, the servers dress in captain uniforms and their dessert cart is quite the towering show piece.

chezblackpositano_rain1DAY 2 | Before bed, I wished so hard for no rain but woke up to a torrential downpour.  This was our scheduled beach day and it was my most anticipated outing of the trip.  We had reservations to lounge + dine on Laurito Beach.  Sadly, we were rained out and I spent the remainder of the morning, after breakfast, napping.  When the weather settled, we made our way out of the hotel in search of lunch.  


LUNCH: Risorante Saraceno D’oro | $

Located just steps form our hotel, this family restaurant was the perfect stop.  With an anticipated large dinner ahead of us, Mike and I split a jug of wine and a mouthwatering pizza.  [I sometimes still dream of this pizza]  Highly Recommended!

la-tagliata_1DINNER:  La Tagliata | $$

We booked this [family-run] restaurant on a recommendation.  Our hotel made the reservation for us and we were told to be at the foot of the hotel steps at the bus stop for 7:30pm.  We promptly stood at the pick up point and patiently waited.  Eventually a bus came, scooped us up [along with others] and drove us windingly up to the restaurant located at what appeared to the be top of the hill.  We were seated and the first of several courses began; no menu, just mama’s home cooking made from their garden grown produce and locally sourced meats.  For a flat price of about 30€/each we were served a bottles of wine + water, antipasti, some sides, meats, pasta, dessert and shots of limoncello.  Im sure during the day the view for the restaurant would be magical as we were so high up.

limoncelloWith absolutely stuffed bellies, we cheers-ed to Positano and sipped our limoncello before the bus shuttled us back down to our hotel.  All-in-all a fun dining experience.

All meals should end with limoncello!




Nana for Sandals
Tre Danari for Loafers

Dinner @ Chez Black
Dinner @ La Tagliata
Lunch @ Risorante Saraceno D’oro


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